Zespri kiwi Daily Scoop of Amazing and my Kiwi Sandwich recipe

The Haze is really bad, weather is really bad and i have been really very sick and coughing. And even lost my voice.

The best way to equip myself on my immune system is to choose Zespri kiwifruit.

10 Reasons to choose Zespri kiwifruit
1. Amazingly delicious, juicy and refreshing
2. 2 X Vitamin C of oranges and just one Zespri kiwifruit meets your daily vitamin C requirements
3. A natural source of fibre , for a healthy digestive system
4. Naturally high in antioxidants (eg. Vitamin C, E , polyphenols, carotenoids), to help fight against damage caused by free radicals in the body)
5. Great to relieve that bloated /blocked feeling with the presence of actinidin, a unique digestive enzyme that helps break down proteins
6. Source of potassium, essential for everycell in the body . A 2-piece Zespri kiwifruit serving provides about 10% of your daily potassium needs, as much as a banana , but with less calories.
7. Source of folate , especially for pregnant ladies – vital for the formation of red blood cells, cell growth and developement
8. Low in calories (49kcal per 100g) , excellent addition to any weight management programme
9. with low glycemic index (GI) below 69, it is excellent for diabetics
10. 100% natural

Best Way to enjoy Zespri kiwi : 
Zespri kiwifruit is best consumed when chilled and when fruit is ripe or slightly soft.

Enjoy Zespri kiwifruit in more ways then one .
Visit www.zespri.com.sg for more delicious and healthy recipes! From starters, snacks to main and desserts


My Healthy way to eat my sandwich and kiwi :
Simple ingredients: 1 Zespri Kiwi + bread + butter + tuna

z1 z2

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A kiwi a day keeps the doctor away. Stay Healthy Always

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