Perfect Eye Lashes from Ayamo Rock Type B From Eyemazing Singapore

as you know i love travelling and back in the days, i used to fly to japan just to get my beauty products, beauty gadgets and eye lashes as well.

i am pretty much in love to explore the different possibility and how eye lashes would bring out the beauty of alluring eyes. To be honest, i do not like unnatural makeup or over doing my looks. Something that i can wear to work yet i look kawaii and young.

Japanese eye lashes would be my choice as compare to china lashes.

i am very glad to be able to share with you the tips to look good and naturally beautiful. i have my perfect eye lashes from Ayamo Rock Type B from Eyemazing at watsons.

Ayamo Rock Type B Eye lashes are pretty nice and neat. The eye lashes are light for the eyes. The bone is pretty soft and allow me to fits the shape of my eyes very well.

i would give a PERFECT score for the comfort in using the lashes. i dont feel itch or discomfort.

Eyemazing Lashes are Ambassador by Japanese Models, mainly by Komori Jun. She is also the ambassador for the newly developed Eyemazing Cosmeline collection


i love how natural it give me. whether day or night. it is pretty lasting for the whole day. The corner of the eye lashes does not pop up like other lashes.

Definately worth it and i would absolutely get it again!!!!


Like their facebook page for more updates at {CLICK HERE }

Eyemazing is launched in major Watsons, BHG and John Little stores. 

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