Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash Extra Moist Review


i am specially invited to be try the relaunch of Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash with these 3 major improvements:

1. Formulation improvement for Regular and Extra Moist

2. Packaging Refreshment (colorful and outstanding 🙂 i love it)

3. Acne Care launch (more range involved…oh yeah!!! )



Introduction of the NEW range of Biore Moist & Supple Multi-Award Biore Marshmellow facial Wash 🙂

My review & what i like about the wash :
As usual whenever i receive a new product i will open up and use it on my skin .



Pardon me for no makeup face… nonetheless, this is what i will do each time i receive a product.

< YES , it is true my face is like a specimen to try all sorts of product. This is the life of a blogger . if your skin cant take it, then you will have a react . >

So back to the topic of Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash Extra Moist … it is very smooth . the texture of the foam is soft on my skin. it seems to slide on my skin and lift up the impurities. i know earlier , their version was pretty dry . Rest assured this time it is much better.

for my skin, it is more of a normal skin type. i feel it is pretty perfect for me. the price is very affordable. it is convenient to use. hmm…just a few pumps and it is easy to rinse off too . 🙂

i guess this product will be an easy product for guys. so i would like to recommand this for your daddy 🙂 boyfriends or love ones!

you can get yours at all watsons and drugstore in singapore 🙂

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