My Unique Skincare secret : V10 Plus Pycnogenol and Placenta Serum

I have been mistaken of my exact age always and it can be way below 5-10 years younger than my age. And unveiling the truth that i have been using V10 Plus as my skincare supplement before all my sponsored products for the past 2 years. And must earlier on this is my testimonial of V10plus skincare {CLICK HERE}

and moving on to use the Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin A {CLICK HERE} followed by collagen and biocell (anti-aging) {CLICK HERE}

And now, i am using  V10 Plus Pycnogenol and Placenta serum. My thirsty skin drinks V10plus Pycnogenol and Placenta serum, it helps to maintain my good skin and especially suitable for irregular lifestyle like mine… workaholic, not enough sleep . Hey! Every drop is a miracle! Age is catching up, so i am using this two unique serum that you cannot find at other brands.

The unique part of V10 Plus is, the bottle are pretty much for both gender. Also, the serums are unique, targeting and helping to tackle skin problems, so even very sensitive skin can use it.

V10 Plus is a professional skincare that is only distributed in beauty salon internationally for 16 countries. They are 8 year in business. 🙂  And i am an avid user for pass 2 years. i use mainly before all my sponsored products as a supplement for my skin.

As it can absorb very fast, it is a product that is friendly and encourage the use of other product for better absorbant. 🙂

I have a chance to get hold of V10 Plus voucher and got a $50 off. Taking this opportunity, i bought V10 Plus Placenta serum and   V10 Plus Pycnogenol. 


i am giving out $50 voucher to 5 lucky winner …. click like { CLICK HERE } and tell me ” i love V10plus” 5 lucky winners will be chosen . Closing date. 23 May 2013 . 9pm  

V10 Plus Placenta serum

The Placenta of the plant/vegetable origin is produced at the heart of their young buds.
– It nourishes the fruit of the plant during its growing stage.
– It stimulating action on increased cell renewal and is deemed as a scientific substitute for human or animal placenta extracts.
– It regenerates & invigorates the skin, stimulating cellular renewal, improves the oxygen supply in our cell and enhance the protein synthesis in our skin to maintain its youthfulness.

 V10 Plus Pycnogenol Serum

Pine bark extract is commonly sold under the brand name Pycnogenol.
It is used for its antioxidant properties. Proponents claim that pine bark extract is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are compounds that block the action of free radicals, activated oxygen molecules that can damage cells.

Pine bark extract supplements are much more effective in eliminating free radicals than vitamins C and E.

Also, in conjunction with CFF , for every likes on the V10 Plus facebook page poster , $1 will be donated . Details as follow :

V 10 Plus isn’t just about serums and skincare, we are also about giving back. V 10 Plus loves children and have chosen Children’s Cancer Foundation ! Year 2013 is V 10 Plus 8th year anniversary. We would like to support and encourage this fundraising with CCF.
For every ‘Like’, V 10 Plus will donate $1 to the Children’s Cancer Foundation ! Spread the love and happy giving! Your every effort to spread the kindness is a good clause. And we will make it happen for you! (Running this from 13 May to 12 June 2013, we hope you will share this in your page. )

The Children’s Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve the lives of children with cancer and their famillies through emotional, social and medical well-being. CCF in one year helps more than 550 children and their families at different stages of this illness by raising funds to aid all its free services to these families in the hospital, community and in the homes of children.

V10 Plus has teamed up with the CCF for the following support, please share and spread the word:


For more information of V10 Plus products, please kindly contact Spa Element ION (Tel: 6738 3788), Spa Element Cathay (Tel: 6738 8008), Spa Infinity (Tel: 6738 0069) & Spa Symphony (Tel: 6636 8878)

Interested to get V10Plus product in bulk of 10 ? email :

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