Ginevi went to Tien Garden

GREAT Food , unique place, it really doesn’t matter the travelling journey.

To me, it is really how much you LOVE the food . Like i said, Love is GREATEST!  i am glad to be invited to Tien Garden , a Modern Zi Char Style at 351 Changi Road, Lor Marzuki, Singapore, Singapore 419818

Located 5 mins walk from Kembangan MRT Station with car park lots outside the restaurant.
So, it really doesn’t matter whether i drive there or take a train there.

Another place that is very affordable, clean and modern, dress code can be smart casual, casual and relaxing 🙂 Just be yourself 🙂 

Here, let me introduce the few signature dishes i have tried.

Pumpkin egg Prawns – $20
Crunchy and juicy.


The unique part of bitter gourd is. it is NOT BITTER! Also, just sharing this… people from okinawa eat alot of bitter gourd too. There is lots of health benefits of Bittergourd infact. i believe beautiful skin comes from the food we eat. this is one dish you cannot miss out! it is only $10.


Very cantonese style meefen… have to Wok char taste. this dish is filled with lots of ingredients… it is only $8! it can be shared by 2-3 persons


Top shell with satay sauce- $10 . Pretty interesting dish that is found here.


I love pork ribs too… Especially made, kopi pork ribs… yummy yummy!!! i think i ate almost half the plate! it is very soft, tender and even the soft bone can be eaten. the almond slices is well roasted. i feel it is made with lots of effort 🙂 totally love it! This dish is only $12


if you have been following my blog…you will know that i love Crabs… i thought crab is a very cute creature. they walk horizontally, pretty special and unique to me. 🙂 The shell of the crab is really made in such a way i feel it just make me suck and lick it. very favourful. 🙂 the temptation is really good. i keep telling myself ok… this shall me the 1st one but i ate 1 more! oops! very value for money . $6 for 100g

CIMG0452 CIMG0449

Promotion time! FREE Desserts if you dine at Tien Garden 🙂


Overall experience was GREAT . i love that this Zi Char place is pretty modern. it is very clean.
The food serve are in very nice white plate . The dessert is pretty healthy. There is no oily yam paste or feeling very stuff or bloated. i felt it is a twist of a comtempory Zi char style yet a modern look.

To be honest, i personally felt that it is like a chinese restaurant found in melbourne. In fact, if you follow my blog long enough, i don’t really write or patronise chinese restaurant, pretty much in love with burgers, pizza, pastas, ribs , etc…somehow i must say Tien is an unique place. i am pretty happy with all the dishes and is craving to go back again 🙂

The look and feel is pretty western and nice dressing of a orchid flower on each table and dishes.
This place is recommanded not only for families but also people of my age to drop by and chill , chat and had dinner. 🙂

i also like it when it is pretty straight forward, i don’t really need to read the menu. just point to the posters on the wall with the signature dishes. The signature dishes are voted by the people who tried the food there.

Having said so much Let’s do it again! 🙂 Try it yourself there too 🙂

Also, Free WIFI is available at the shop too! 
hanks Carol for the pictures and Tien restuarants 

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