Ginevi visited to Manicurious, Nail Art Review

hi everyone, ginevi went to do my nails at Manicurious.

it is located at a strategic location at 41 beach road. pretty cool place with a nail bar, a cafe and a retail space.

As you do your nails, you can enjoy a menu of hot/cold drinks.  if you are hungry, there is also little tarts or cakes for you to enjoy.

i want a sexy nails design that is in the skyfall hot red and leopard print to be versatile . something suitable for my clothes and not overly loud or too cutie for my work. simple and classic 🙂 i want to match my leopard prints top. so i did a classic print on my ring finger and didnt want to overdo it.

Manicurious has alot of very awesome design, you can even ask them to draw your favourite Line icon on your nails!!!
There is no need to stick to boring french manicures , be curious and explore different possibilities, it can be your accessories, your clothes or something of your design or drawing.

IMG_20130502_212153 IMG_20130502_213054

many curious things, in many curious ways

Be curious and find out more , refer to

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