SkinStreet Mother’s day promotion

2013_mother's day newsletter banner

i have bought this for my mum this mother’s day. Demaheal Cosmeceutical Anti-wrinkle serum. it reduces and prevents wrinkles by generating new skin cells and increasing skin elasticity by upregulation of collagen, elastin , fibronectin and hyaluronic acid.

here’s the link for Demaheal Cosmeceutical Anti-wrinkle serum :


Let’s celebrate this occasion with your mum and gives her the love for her skin with Demaheal Cosmeceutical Anti-wrinkle serum. 🙂

And my message to my mummy :

I just want to thank the Lord
For a Mother such as you,
You were there throughout the years
Whatever I went through
And I just want to say that I
Love you so very much
And am praying that the Lord
Will shower you in love. 🙂

May all mother’s out there… Happy Mother’s day!!!

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