Mother’s Day Special : Brunch at The Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Mother’s day is coming real soon in just 11 days!!!!

Counting down now… if dinner are mostly fully booked over sat and sun, i am saying the popular chinese restaurant, tim sum restaurant etc… why not try something new! Bring your mummy to have BRUNCH!

al fresco restaurant in amidst the picturesque garden setting… The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens. Named after ‘halia’, the Malay word for ginger, the restaurant is aptly tucked away in the lush foliage of the Ginger Garden at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

i love to have breakfast with my mummy to start the day. BRUNCH at Halia is GREAT esp. after that me and my family can have a scroll around the gardens 🙂 A get place to get together with my family.

Starting with the signature drink, very refreshing Lemon grass ginger tea. 🙂


I love to start my meal with Appetizers 🙂 Half a dozen shot. this is Awesome!
Coffin bay Oyster with specially made sauce, alcoholic bloody mary. ( 🙂 unique )

IMG_9695 IMG_9697 IMG_9701

Look at how juicy it is and the way to eat it is to let the oyster swim inside the bloody mary…it really taste super unique and no amount of words to further describe the uniqueness like this. i really love the way it is served!

Cocktail of king prawns, spicy tomato sauce, avocado, wasabi & coriander–$22


King Prawns from south australia. The prawn is sweet and lots of favour together with the sauce. the chef actually shared that south australia prawns are soft as you chew. it is pretty nice . the presentation is so good !!!


And now to the brunch… Cinnamon French toast, fresh seasonal berries, white chocolate & Iranian pistachio — $18
Very fresh and healthy with fruits and berries 🙂 the bread is thick and spongy 🙂 my little niece love it too 🙂  The ingredients are very fresh. they are all imported and very delicated.  🙂


Halia chilli crab spaghettini Singapore-style spicy, sweet and tangy crabmeat sauce tossed in pasta–$24

This is a must-have dish. this is their signature dish. A favourite dish for crab lover like me 🙂 al fresco restaurant does serve something Singapore-style too. 🙂 this dish is pretty unforgettable. i really love it sooo very much!


Wood smoked salmon toastie, capers, crème cheese & dill, sunny side up fried egg–$24

we can never get enough when it comes to eating salmon. it is a skin-food that we love. mummy and me love this as we always wanted to age beautifully. 🙂


Poached eggs on brioche, dill hollandaise, Swiss brown mushroom, spinach & tomato. (add: shave honey baked ham) — $22, add $4

This always reminds me of days when i am in australia. i love this soooo much! you know when i am there. i really wake up very motivated to had breakfast! yummylicious!

IMG_9715 IMG_9714

Mayura Station full blood Wagyu rump, bacon, sunny side-up hen’s egg, vine cherry tomato and barbecue sauce.–$48 (This is a brunch special, that is not on the regular brunch a la carte menu)


The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens is also an ideal locale for business lunches, romantic dinners and weekend get-togethers too.

Brunch is available on Saturdays, Sundays & PHs, 10am to 4pm  
For reservation, call to make your booking for your brunch with your mum : 6287 0711

Tell your mummy you love her!!! 🙂  Happy mother’s day! 🙂

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