Celebrating his 10th year with Baker, The Evolution Collect with Thomas Pheasant

< Special Invitation >
Good things always come in pairs.
i am invited to another two events at ION Orchard Shopping Mall by Proof Living (Baker) and Leica Camera.
Let me share more about this eventful day ! Starting with Proof Living (Baker) and Thomas Pheasant achievement

Thomas Pheasant is an award-winning interior designer recognized internationally for his interior design and furniture collections.  His signature style is modern elegance – calm and luxurious interiors of quality and comfort.  His focus is on bringing a contemporary dimension to classic principles of design; a bridging of past and present – combining the best of the past with today’s innovations.

Thomas Pheasant’s aim is always to accomplish esthetically pleasing interiors characterized by outstanding, unparalleled quality and comfort.  Each assignment is addressed individually and extraordinary attention is given to architectural elements, which serve to define the unique character of the interiors.  He is known for his mastery of the neutral palette and his skillful mix of antiques with new furniture, as well as signature pieces of his own design.

A selection of Thomas Pheasant’s many awards and exhibitions:

ABC Excellence in Construction Award for United Arab Emirates Embassy, Ambassador’s Office 2010
DC Chamber of Commerce, Chamber’s Choice Award 2010
Architectural Digest “The AD 100 Designers and Architects” 2000 through 2010
Architectural Digest “The Deans of American Design” 2005
Architectural Digest “100 Years of Design” 1999
Architectural Digest’s First and Only Design Exhibit, Rooms With a View of  Central Park 2004
Pavillon des Antiquaires et des Beaux Arts, Paris 2003
Asprey’s of London Commission of Extraordinary Humidors 1997
The  Andrew Martin International Designer of the Year Award 1997
House Beautiful “25 Great Furniture Collections” 2008
House Beautiful “America’s Top 100 Interior Designers” 1996 through 2005
House Beautiful “The Best of the Best” 1998
House Beautiful “Ten Best Show House Rooms” 1995
National Symphony Show House 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1997 and 2002
The 1997 Fall Design House for Southern Accents 

it is my pleasure to meet Thomas Pheasant in person and his classical Evolution. Joy is show in the smile of mine. 🙂 T
Quotation from Mr Thomas Pheasant :
” Every Room Deserves a piece of jewelery” 
Feel free to head to Ion Proof Living to view the lovely piece of jewelery inspired by classical ideals and modern luxury, a personal expression of The Collection.
Next up … Leica camera Asia Pacific Presents :
REDred – a photo exhibition featuring Geoff Ang
Red is my favourite color. it is not just a color . red is hot. It conjures up a range of conflicting emotions ranging from passionate love to violence and warfare. Red is Cupid and the Devil.

Red is a dichotomy. It represents power, danger, anger, purity, joy, prosperity and many other symbolisms.

REDred is apt as it has always been a colour closely associated with Geoff. His surname, “Ang” is a dialectic translation of the colour and has also transpired down to the identity of his two companies, Geoffstudio and feat. As a mentor of young photographers, Geoff created feat. to represent young talented photographers, six of whom have been given this platform to showcase their talents together with Geoff at the REDred exhibition with Leica. All photographs showcased at this exhibition by Geoff and photographers from feat. were shot exclusively with the Leica S and Leica M cameras.

I am in black to complement the color red and the beautiful exhibits.


Leica Camera Asia Pacific presents an exclusive photography exhibition with Geoff Ang at ION Orchard. The photography exhibition – “REDred” – will showcase a new body of works from Geoff and photographers from feat.

REDred draws inspiration from the artist’s fiery passion for photography, fashion and for the brand, Leica. This photography exhibition brings about a new collaboration between the legendary German technical luxury brand, Leica Camera and renowned fashion photographer Geoff Ang; the perfect weaving of the artist’s scarlet theme and the iconic red dot. The iconic Leica logo and its red dot has been a symbol for quality German engineering in.

  Leica_REDred_Photo-Exhibition-Image-1-by-Geoff-Ang Leica_REDred_Photo-Exhibition-Image-2-by-Geoff-Ang Leica_REDred_Photo-Exhibition-Image-3-by-Geoff-Ang Leica_REDred_Photo-Exhibition-Image-4-by-Geoff-Ang Leica_REDred_Photo-Exhibition-Image-5-by-Geoff-Ang
Special Limited Edition Only at ION Leica store level 3 : Leica X2 and Silverline 8 x20 set
Happy May Day to you everyone 🙂

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