Mother’s Day Special : 24H Quartz Gem Metamorphosis Lifting Mask

Recently i have attended the launch of Dead Sea Premier 24H Quartz Gem Event Launch with Ms Malka Harel, the International Chief Trainer of Dead Sea Premier and scientific expert and hosted by celebrity guest, Jaymee Ong.

I was introduced to a wide range of wonderful products from the Dead sea Premier 24H Quartz Gem collection. it is scientifically proven to give you 24-hour moisturisation and age-defying results which is very suitable for our mum’s for this mother’s day.

The Dead Sea in Israel is one of the Earth’s natural wonders and renowned as a natural health spa for its ability to heal various skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis and extreme skin dryness. This unique source of nature, combined with the rejuvenating Rose Quartz and Alpine Rose stem cells, has been taken to the highest level by Premier Dead Sea laboratories to produce .

Let’s take a look at the texture of the  24H Quartz Gem Metamorphosis Lifting Mask .


i particularly fell in love with the 24H Quartz Gem Metamorphosis Lifting Mask.
The lifting mask is designed to defy the aging process therefore your skin can constantly achieve that youthful radiant look. The best part is, the face mask will actually turn pink after applying!
My skin is soft and smooth… even after applying make up the skin is well blend 🙂


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