Hair Profile at Far East Plaza 01-91 and May Day Promotion!

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Getting my hair ready for the upcoming Mrs Singapore 2013 Pangent that i am attending. Hmm… i am taking this opportunity to find time to do my hair. i love to do my nails, my hair  and some shopping and far east plaza just got everything you can find! i start my day on a saturday by hopping into the hair profile at far east plaza 01-91.
Take a look at how my hair look… the texture is bad and the hair ends is entangled, split ends . My hair is dry and brittle. still smile and be happy coz… i am going to get my hair saved!
Kenji, the owner of Hair Profile, has been in the business for 18 years. He really looked like my old time friend Vogiro who is also a hair stylist at Tony and guy, however now he is based in London. Hmm… so it does feel like talking to a long time friend who used to do my hair.
Take a look at how serious he is when he cut my hair…
i feel kenji is personable and client orientated, meaning client is comfortable and wont feel pushy. he will listen to how and what i want to do to my hair, he will also suggest and look at how i dress up, even from details of my face shape and smile and discuss a hair style that suits my looks.
Hmm… i love how my hair is done in japan , the kawaii kawaii look 🙂
i am glad he can visualise what i like and let’s go into starting the whole look!
For hair cut is $40 done by usual hair stylist.
For Kenji hair cut services he is the art director price. pls kindly consult him how much he charge.
Special Promo for Hair ProfileSalon at far east plaza (t: 6838 1811) Book your appointment!
Quote ‘Gin‘ and enjoy 15% off all chemical treatments and a professional hair consultation with Kenji (strictly by appointment )My usual hair stylist 🙂
Time for a change… Get your hair done up this upcoming May day, new month new start and a new look 🙂 Don’t forget to pamper yourself and grab this pampering treats from hair profile!
Hair-Profile Promo-Code

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