Mother’s day Special : Bioflora® COLLABEE Honey Collagen

My mummy and i loves to age beautifully. Choosing a healthy lifestyle with a good mix of yoga, running, healthy food and not forgetting Bioflora® COLLABEE Honey collagen.

Bioflora® COLLABEE Honey collagen is made in japan. it is a great gift for my mum this mother’s day because it is soooo tasty!!!

I really won’t wish to look old and unwanted like this, so before things start to become soooo bad and not able to press the RESET button… it is time to do daily maintanence.  Bioflora® COLLABEE Honey collagen is my choice!!!!


A bottle of Bioflora® COLLABEE taken before bedtime will help rebuild our skin, normalise the immune system, improve bone and joint health, hydrate tissues and promote healthy hair, nails.

Bouncy skin in just 1 month

10,000 mg of premium fish collagen

Directions for best results:

1 Consume a bottle, preferably before bedtime
2 Pineapple flavour. Tastes best chilled
3 Consume immediately after opening
Drink every night for first 3 months, thereafter alternate night for maintenance  (Age between 25-40)
5 Drink every night (Age 40 and above)
6 Women who are pregnant or nursing should always consult a doctor before starting any new supplementation

After drinking a bottle of collabee i am all ready for bed.

kiss my bear and it is bedtime!

Do you know?

For individual weight-loss, collagen speeds up metabolism!

Collagen protein supplements have long been found to supply the body with amino acids that are required to manufacture more collagen. These amino acids serve as the body’s building blocks. They help strengthen and restore weakened connective tissue throughout the body, which results in higher energy and a boost in the body’s metabolism, making it more efficient. An efficient metabolism results in better sleep cycles and overall increased energy.

Quote “Ginevi” to enjoy the following offers from

Promotion valid from 1st till 31st May 2013 Purchase 1 box of Collabee : SGD 70.40 (Free Delivery)

Purchase 3 boxes of Collabee : SGD 211.20 (Free Delivery)

Time to get 3 boxes for you and your mum.  your mum will thank you for this.

i love the honey in the collagen because honey is good for the skin 🙂 looking for glowing smooth skin. Forever kawaii and young!

A unique code will be mailed to customer who purchase 3 boxes.

This unique code is applicable for one time use to enjoy a 10% discount for next purchase. Usual Price: $78.80

Visit their facebook page :

Bioflora Acacia Honey and Linden Honey

Have you heard of Honey Diet? A natural way to improve sleep and weight loss.

The benefits of honey : 
1. helps to calm down moods
2. helps to regulate blood pressure
3. indigestion associated with nervous tension
4. enhance human immune system


Bioflora Linden Honey

Linden Honey is very popular in Europe and is prized for its delicious taste and calming properties . it is light amber with a mild lime flavour.

Recently i am not feeling well due to late night and also flu and colds… i love this Linden honey because after squeezing alot , my throat wasn’t so well… i felt it does help me with relieving my headaches and indigestion as well.

i love my honey in the money with my pancakes or breakfast. i feel that it is a great start of my breakfast and it helps in beautify my skin. 🙂

Bioflora Acacia Honey

Acacia honey helps to detoxifying the liver, anti-inflammatory for the respiratory syster and improve digestive and immune system and assist on blood circulation.

it is suitable for young kids, elderly, diabetics due to its high but not excessive fructose content and very low sucrose contents.

Readers can mix and match the honey to enjoy 20% off. Applicable for 3  bottles and above. Quote “Ginevi” to get special price at
Visit their facebook page :
Happy Mother’s day !!! Give your mummy a treat 🙂 !!!

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