Ginevi do Pilates BodyTree with Kris from Pilates BodyTree

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In my hectic and busy life… looking good, maintaining my good skin, my youthful look, and everything even to my sitting posture . Choosing a healthy working out session with starting on to try out with Kris from Pilates BodyTree.

i always feel that i look really good when i work out. Working out helps me to cope with all kinda of stress in life. 🙂

Let’s also take a look at the place… lockers area are very neat, also, no need to bring your own locker pad lock, everything is provided.


The place is very neat and hygiene.


For 1st timer, it is good to have the trainer around to help you… for me … i am pretty scare as it is my very 1st time, yeah i look like i use lots of strength. pretty true, you really need to use and engage your muscles!

IMG_9721 IMG_9723 IMG_9724

It gives me the natural glow and happy smile. 🙂  i am getting the hang of it!IMG_9728 IMG_9729 IMG_9730

It makes me always a happy-go-lucky girl, when you are happy, you don’t get angry over small little things or get jealous over other people life. 🙂 Exercising and working out makes me feel full of energy for my everyday challenges!


Even Joey and Jennifer from Livewell Magazine are doing Pilates

IMG_9733 IMG_9736

Thank you kris for giving me the opportunity to learn Pilates for the very 1st time!

Also read about this interesting article, Pilates Training help in low back pain
And sharing this part i read … the cause of pain in the low back 
In such prolonged sitting position, the back muscles are lengthened and weakened while the front muscles (abdominals) become tight. These muscles act on the spinal bones, causing the front of the spine to be compressed, putting unbalanced pressure on the discs. Over time, the pressure may cause the disc to bulge and touch the sensitive nerves – and hence the ache or pain in the low back.

Interested to find out more about Pilates?  you can join their Pop-Up pilates :


Also, before i go, let Kris to show you some of her favourite Pilates pieces!


Pilates BodyTree
78 Amoy Street #01-01 Singapore 069897
Tel : +65 6225 7905 (feel free to give them a call for trial sessions)

For more information and updates :
website :

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