Beautiful Nail art indulgence at Loi’s Studio

Hi everyone,
Ever heard of this… it is not how rich or how charming you are… the most important thing is… how you groom yourself!
This does happen to me and i know guys might complain or comment : ” what? you take 2- 3 hours just to do your nails? and you are spending juz on that? ” ” i got better things to do than personal grooming or i don’t need this?”
hold on a sec… do you want to date a girl with nails that look like this? >.<
Well, it really takes effort to look nice, charming , alluring, sexy , cute and all… ageing beautifully doesn’t come from just 1 miracle product. it really comes from the whole package. Inner beauty and Exterior beauty.
Personal grooming is important! smelling good, looking good and all. so, today i gonna do my NAILS!
i have always been doing glittering french nails…pretty standard… maybe boring to you ?
This time i decided to do my bucket list. Do a kawaii nail art and since young i always like twinstar and also my family history, one of my relative is having a twinstar , my niece and my cousin… sooo i hope this will be in my blood too 🙂
Usually i will do my nails in orchard where is it so bz and crowded, and parking and traffic is bad. Decided to try a home-based nail salon .
Loi shared that gelish nails, she charged only $35 which is very reasonable comparable to other brands
here i am all ready for my nails :
and in no time… my 1st time experience ever… My little Twin Star!!!!
20130420_172809 20130420_172956 20130420_173101
Beautiful Nail Art Indulgence, Loi’s Studio is a home based nail salon located in Singapore.
Loi, strives to design Creative, Fashionable and Sophisticated nails specially for you!
The Service and charges are all here :

Good news for Ginevi’s reader , 20% of Gelish nail art and Free Vitagel base treatment (u.p : $10) till end of may. just quote ginevi’s blog.

Let’s take a look at how the Nail studio look like…


and if you are not a fan of twin star, here is other classy design. you can also feel free to whatsapp or email Loi any design u have, she will love to create for you.

20130420_173716 20130420_173759

Feel free to contact and make your appointment :

Nail artist: Loi
Mobile+65 9620 0002

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