Mother’s day Special : Brands Schisandra Extract : for a healthy liver

When it comes to mother’s day… the norm is to have a family feast and excessive eating . So, to prepare my mum and myself for that, usually we will have our trusted Brand’s Schisandra Extract as our supplement.

If you are getting a gift, a health supplement from Brand’s is so ideal! 🙂 your mum will be happy for it!


Brand’s, is known as a leader with more than 170 years of rich experience in health nutrition. i believe Brand’s Chicken Essence has left many loyal followers.

Today, i am going to share Brand’s Schisandra Extract , is your liver healthy?

What are the symptons of unhealthy liver?
– brown spots on the skin
– inability to lose weight
-pale-coloured stool
bad breath
– headaches
-easy bruising
-dark urine

If you have some of the above, it is time to care for your liver. Just 4 tablets a day will get you ready for the day!

Let’s take a look at the benefits of protecting your liver :

Beneficial for liver health

  • Ideal for those who lead a stressful lifestyle, suffer from lack of sleep or drink alcohol regularly
  • Helps to purge the liver of toxins and promote overall liver health
  • Powerful supplement containing Sesamin and Schisandra which are scientically proven to improve liver health

My Verdict after consuming Brands Schisandra Extract : 

if you are feeling out of sorts lately, low energy, moody, body aching like what i used to be, it is really time to consume Brands Schisandra extract. i love to take good care of my skin. And protecting our liver is really something i might have overlooked last time.

Do you know that contrary to popular belief, eating animal liver will neither strengthen nor reduce damage done to the liver. Likewise dietary habits and poor lifestyle like consuming alcohol, yummy little cupcakes, parties and misuse of dietary pills can make the situation worst.

In fact, obtaining 7 or less hours of sleep can also affect the state of the liver.

With Brands Schisandra Extract and consuming 4 tablets a day, it gives me the kick start of the day and with moderate exercise and sleep, it does helps my skin and my energy level to be up keep 🙂 Of coz not forgetting to bring up pampering treats on massages as well.  one significant lifestyle i see in me is that i feel i can digest my food better and i love how i can stay happy in my mood . i love the positive energy in me and i love to share this wonderful protect to all of you.

For more information of Brands Sesamin with Schisandra extract , { Click here }

A Perfect Gift for your Mum’s this Mother’s day 🙂 Brands Schisandra Extract : for a healthy liver!

Thanks Brands singapore for the surprise and lovely bear i got. 🙂

me b

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