Easter’s day special : Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy Series

Happy Easter Day, Everyone!


I have attended the Talika Media Press Launch of Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy Series. Take a look at the wide range of product. 🙂 They are suitable for asian skin too!


The light essence – Cellular Activator Photo-Beauty Theraphy

The Light Essence acts like a correction curve, an “equalizer” which takes just a few seconds to reset all “cell counters” to zero! Meanwhile, it boost the youthfulness process in your epidermis.

The cell recovers its “original” potential as a result skin is able to receive and transmit the benefits of daily skincare LIKE NEVER BEFORE.


My verdict :

i really love how The Light Essence is very easily absorbed into my skin. i tested on my skin for 1 week and it actually feel bouncy on my cheeks. i like how it brighten my complexion and diminish the intensity of blemishes and dark spots. i am glad the acnes scar which i have is also pretty faded off.

The Light Essence feels light and have a gentle rose smell . it relieves discomfort and does not cost any irritation. it is light and clear.

I am looking forward to try the Photo-Beauty Therapy Anti-ageing serum 🙂

20130322_163410and the Photo Therapy anti-ageing cream 🙂 i also love the packaging. it looks really classy 🙂


Interested to get Talika product, http://www.talika.com




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