What is your Beauty Conundrums with ZA Total Hydration White

hmm… Beauty Conundrums! what is yours? For me, i like to maintain my skin to be fair and white.

Well before i start introducing ZA Total Hydration White series, let me bring you to this beautiful place at Seventh Heaven @ L2 Orchard central, Where all the most awesome icecream are! there is a huge selection… i am sure you can find something you like there. Feel free to have some icecream as the weather is really soooo HOT!!!

a drink to start off… ice tea with lemon sorbet 🙂

The Tallest Mud pie is found here. the taste is very much like the palapop icecream, fruity… hmm… pretty good to try for ice cream lover

This is my waffle set. i tried the flavour : Sex on the beach. it is very nice and sweet with cranberry and the vodka wasnt that strong. 🙂 pretty good indeed. i would like to recommand to all of you 🙂

Ok for now… let look at the skincare product that ZA is introducing. And the Live demo with ZA team


Thanks to the introduction of ZA Total Hydration White series . it is very affordable and lets take a look how it is to solve the Beauty Conundrums.

Yeahhh…. my skin is beautiful using ZA Total Hydration White series. ZA is the skincare product that i will use during school days. Actually it can handle mature skin pretty well too. Sometimes it is not really about using big brands or expensive product 🙂

What i have for my skin here : ZA Total hydration day cream white with spf 18PA++  and at a very affordable price of $14.90. it shields UVA and UVB with a moderately sufficient block of SPF18. Whitening agents – Tranexamic acid + Vitamin C , amino mineral complex also helps to even out skin dullness , making my skin nice and bright.

Take a look ZA Total Hydration Night Cream. Notice that it is more translucent in texture. it is also priced at $14.90

Whitening agents : Tranexamic acid and vitamin c helps to suppress melanzation and improves spots and uneven skintone of mine. it is a great combination of double whitening complex. Amino mineral complex fortifies the skin protective barrier and makes the skin resistant to damage . it helps to replenishes and retains generous moisture. Raspberry fruit extracts to moisturises skin and helps the skin to be richly moisturised.

Next up ZA Total hydration BB Cream in UV White… goshh… i need manicure to be done. Any recommandation for me?

I love the coverage of this ZA Total hydration BB Cream UV White. i really love this shades of bb cream because i am very fair. i don’t really like the type of BB cream that will make the skin dull. This range was really GREAT. it is very effective and blends into the skin very well… and it is only $15.90 filled with spf 50 ++ , double whitening complex and whitening agents and vitamin c. it also contain oil control powder and poreless powder.

i totally love it. 🙂 after 10 days, my skin feels brighter and more translucent 🙂

Try it yourself and experience ZA Total hydration White Evolution yourself 🙂 you can find it at all watsons store in singapore 🙂

And wow… very nicely packed… Easter comes just in time with this lovely gift.

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