The Launch of Bata Spring and Summer Collection

This is the 1st time Bata ventured into social media and i am glad to be invited as the guest for the launch of Bata Spring and summer collection.

Before the event starts. i am so glad to bump into Tsubaki 🙂 of ninja girls


The event starts with introduction of BATA and its history. Really very informative and to summaries, BATA shoes are made of good quality and at a affordable price . it is an international brand and it popular in many countries. The Bata factories is at Jakarta.

Beautiful backdrop to get us ready for the photosession later… so who will be the Bata model?

And …. we are going to be the bata model!… OMG!!!!

And the creative bloggers form the word bata

And having lots of fun here . trying to test how durable the guys shoes are with ninja girl


Getting ready and post like model for BATA

i love bright colors and here’s my choice of my sponsored shoe and bag

The shoes is in coral from marie claire. very good quality and very affordable.

And i choose the color of the year …in Emerald (click here)

The complimentary colors to match my floral outfit from japan

Like Bata Facebook Page : {CLICK HERE } for more bata updates 🙂


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