EHA Medi Facial Review and my favourite EHA Product

Nowadays, we usually put on makeup in our daily lives when we go to work, catchup with friends over weekend and so on. Our skin needs help after some times and facial is what we needed.

I believe in the effectiveness in facial esp. from clinical or Asethetics doctors as it last longer than normal facial.

And today i have tried EHA Medi Facial. The effect is longer lasting cos the staff are trained by the doctor, solutions and equipment are medical grade and such facials can only be performed at a medical clinic. i find my skin looking more radiance and less dull. The blemishes , light spots and uneven skin tone is all managed off in the facial.

My laugh lines, expression lines as well as frown lines are also rectified and my skin feels smoother, firmer and bouncier. 🙂 The GREAT thing is that… when i am without makeup , my skin still looks perfect and i look younger than my age. 🙂

And YES, i believe in starting early , and maintaining good skin , so medi facial is very handy and helpful . it is fuss-free, no down town and instant yet lasting photo effect on the skin too.

In the Treatment , there is an facial effect called Radiancy
Radiancy is an effective light therapy for removal of photo rejuvenation including the removal of age spots and the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. Wrinkles, age spots & sun spots medically known as rhytides and pigmentation are outward manifestations of aging or sun damaged skin .These skin imperfections can now be safely and easily treated.

LHE Skin Rejuvenation
Non-Ablative Photo Rejuvenation
Fast Treatments.
No Downtime
And the treatment of EHA Medi facial is about to start
To start with… my face is cleansed thoroughly. the profile picture is taken . it is pretty obvious of my uneven skin tone in the picture. 🙂
DSC01483 DSC01481 DSC01482
During the facial, they use my favourite EHA Product ,Gentle Exfoliating gel. i feel that this is very effective and make my skin very smooth after each use. it is very gentle and is suitable for sensitive skin like me as well.
After using EHA Gentle Exfoliating gel, my skincare product are easily absorbed into my skin and i love it!

After EHA Medi Facial… the next day at work… i use light makeup and my skin looks perfect :

my skin still feels bouncy and good elasticity after i squeeze my face.

Sharing Some information About Dr. Tam

EHA new group shot

Dr. Elias Tam is the founder and residing doctor at the EHA Clinic. Well known internationally as a Speaker at Aesthetic Medicine conference and a specialist trainer for various laser and filler treatments and applications, Dr. Tam is one of the Governors of The International College of Surgeons and a committee member of The Asia Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons. Respected and well-liked for his approachable, relaxed and assuring manner during both consultation and procedure, Dr. Tam is a firm believer of his company’s mantra, ‘look good, feel great’, and ensures that both his staff and clinical operations are fully geared to providing quality service and solutions for every aspect of physical beauty and well-being. And to that extent, Dr. Elias Tam is at the forefront of developing and testing the latest in hi-tech and innovative aesthetic procedures – with particular expertise in follicular hair extraction techniques for hair transplants, and facial skin therapies.

EHA Clinic is on FB: {CLICK HERE}


if you like to enjoy this Radiance Facial Toning Medi Facial (120mins) like i do, Special first time trial for your readers $188 (usual price $368 )

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