Guess what is in the box? Experience Vichy’s Bi-White Med Series

Guess what is in the box?


Yes… it’s the new Vichy’s Bi-White Med Series
Whitening product usually make my skin to feel sensitve or dryness. And together with hot yoga and my skin become sensitive. looking for a good skincare product with whitening and detoxification on my skin was not easy. Sometimes, with the hot sun and also with travelling alot , it makes my skin dry and worst.

i am pretty a sporty person and loves sports activities. i would prefer to have a skincare product with whitening properties. Vichy Bi-White Med Series really impressed me ! Vichy Bi-white is a trusted whitening pioneer since 2001 and is a daily complexion ally for sensitive skin.

Daily UV rays, pollution and stress create 6 complexion flaws :

– Dark Spots
– Dull Complexion
– Yellow Skin Tone
– Irregular skin texture
– Red patches
Dryness patches

These 6 complexion flaws happen to my skin and been a problem sometimes , i didnt like the dryness patcheds, flakyness in my skin and dull complexion.

Vichy Bi-white Med series helps in DEEP-CELL Whitening (Ceramide White + LHA)

In the packaging, i can see that Vichy Bi-white Med series is tested on asian sensitive skin. 🙂 This is something that gives me the confident to try it.

Thanks Vichy for this limited edition set which consist of

1. Vichy Bi-White Med whitening Replumping Gel Cream

2. Vichy Thermal Spa water! < my favourite everyday product >

3. Vichy’s Bi-White Med Essence 6 in 1 (My Favourite product! ) 

An Essence that deeply whitens and detoxifies even for Asian sensitive skin

i like the packaging of this product because it is small and handy. it allows me to bring along with me when i travel or for my sport activities.

My Verdict for Vichy’s Bi-White Med Series : 95/100
A product series that is suitable for daily use.
No worries on getting skin irritation. gentle product and suitable for sensitive skin. A product worth checking out at all leading departmental store 🙂 It is suitable for asian skin and is very hydrating. 🙂

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