Ah Chiang Traditional Charcoal Porridge – Nice and warm Goodness :)

After a hectic work, for me, i would love something not heavy or too hearty meals. Hmm… even maybe in the afternoon or lunch, i would love something nice and warm for my cold body. Especially when working in the aircon-ed room, the best thing to ease , is to have a nice and warm dinner… and Ah Chiang’s Porridge got to be my choice!


Also, after a feverish weekend and a hectic rush of work and work… i just keep sneezing and sneezing. Haaa 🙂 i guess Warm gooey goodness of a porridge is something that can nurse my cold. Or maybe from old granny’s advice or Doctors advice… ” gin, pls eat some fish porridge” 🙂

Haaa… so the next time i am sick… you know what to get for me 🙂  *just kidding *

So here i am at Ah Chiang Traditional Charcoal Porridge at Blk 65 Tiong Poh Road #01-38 65570084 (7am to 2pm, 6pm to 12mn) Closed Alt Mondays . It is known that the Tiong Poh is the original store. however, the boss said both are doing the same thing. the same is just as good! 🙂

There is a wide varieties of choice that will definately spoil you like a queen. let’s take a look at these listed delicacy.

  1. Mixed Pork Menu
  2. Sliced Fish + Fish Skin Porridge
  3. Century Egg + Cuttle Fish Porridge
  4. Sliced/Minced Pork Porridge
  5. Mixed Pork Porridge
  6. Sliced Fish Mixed Pork Porridge
  7. Sliced/Minced Pork + Century Egg Porridge
  8. Cuttle Fish + Pork Ball Porridge
  9. Pork Liver Porridge
  10. Fish Stomach Porridge
  11. Sliced Fish + Cuttle Fish Porridge
  12. Fish Head + Sliced/Mixed Pork Porridge
  13. Intestines Porridge
  14. Fried Intenstines
  15. Fresh Sea Prawns

If the above does not suits your taste and you have a fussy-logic theory juz like me. FEAR NOT!

At Ah Chiang Traditional Charcoal Porridge , i can customise the porridge i want!

My porridge : Sliced Fish  + Mixed Pork + vegetables + century egg + cuttlefish + Abalone Porridge + Egg.
i had also added additional XO into my porridge…gosh… it is like alcoholic porridge …it is very yummy, smooth and lots of ingredients. nom nom nom… this meal is indeed very good!

If you are muslim or vegan diet and wondering if you can eat porridge at this store. they have vegetarian porridge too.

And if you love chinese sashimi… here you can get really fresh sashimi that is fresh and really good.

They use fresh Ikan Parang (Wolf Herring) which is the traditional raw fish we all grew up with before the advent of Sushi. The fish is drizzled with some sesame oil and served with ginger and chilli.  The chinese way of eating raw fish 🙂 yum yum 🙂 of coz you can have your creativity and bring your own sauce to make it japanese style 🙂

And we love century eggs… so this is the extra century eggs we ordered as side dish

And not forgetting to order the desserts!

And my parent’s favourite traditional biscuit are found at ah chiang!

My Verdict and conclusion:

Great place for porridge. not dirty like wet market. price is very reasonable and very affordable. Definately coming back again for my breakfast after my morning run!!!! 🙂 After the porridge session, it feels nice and warm. i am a happy girl again 🙂 energized and recharged! 🙂


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