Aveda Catwalk for Water

Aveda, a leader in high-performance botanical beauty products and salon professional education, is holding the event called Catwalk for Water for the first time in Singapore in March, during which the Aveda Light the Way Candles will be launched.
This event was created as a movement of Earth Month – April 2013, and the full proceeds of the Light The Way candle ($35) will go to the non-profit organization, Global Greengrants Fund, to fund clean water projects all over the world.
These beautiful candles were designed by students of the Association School in Madagascar, and by purchasing one of the Aveda Light The Way Candles, you could be providing those students with a better life.
The Light the Way Candle is part of Aveda’s broader CatWalks for Water campaign – with a mission to reduce the environmental impact of fashion shows and to create awareness and inspire action concerning the global water crisis. Sale of the event tickets will also go toward the Global Greengrants Fund, and it is the very first CatWalks for Water show held in Singapore.
See you there!!! 🙂

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