Ginevi attends the launch of Watsons’ 2013 Spring Colour Report – Sneak Preview

Hi Everyone, i love sharing on beauty tips, skincare tips, makeup tips, lifestyle tips, or anything fun on my blog and today, my blog post is 802 post!!!! Yes, unknowingly i have shared so much already!

Issue Post number 802 th of

This is gonna be a exciting sneak preview post as i am the first to witness Watsons dynamic brand revamp, which will bring a more refreshing, vibrant and personalised shopping experience.

Oh Gosh…7 Adam Park … soooo beautiful! <pls bring me there again!>

A happy Smile to kick start of this eventful day … with a flower on my hair 🙂

i just got home and was overwhelmed by what’s happening just now! 🙂

i like to briefly share what has happened just now , just some fun photos for today. Beautiful Yellow, Green and Pink balloons! All my favourites colors!

A time of fun and discovery as Watsons unveils a plethora of new and exciting beauty and health brands to rejuvenate your senses! A Great experiences and bump into nice friends again 🙂 And alot more other bloggers i met as well as my favourite ninja girls. i was in their video just now too. so happy to see them again! 🙂

And me, signing the wall and to Congratulate Watsons for it Forever WoW-factor with lots of exciting new brands launching in stores!

Drinking Brand’s InnerShine Singapore at Watsons Singapore drinking with lots of attitude! Cheers and congratulations Watsons! Bottoms up to a lively you and beauty inside out!!

Alrighty, i shall end here, it is getting late.

Please come back again for more about what is happening at Watsons Launch Party. Hope you like my sneak preview of what has happened today!

Good night everybody and stay tuned for more upcoming beauty news that i will be writing in my next post!!!  (oh goshhh so many things to share with you!!!!)

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