Nature’s Best Kept Living Secret – Ciracle Repairing snail V3 Cream

hi everyone,

it is the 3rd day of chinese new year! and i have so much gathering with my family, my friends and there is lots of catchup these few days. i just want update and share this wonderful product that had make my skin so beautiful .

Earlier on i had travel pretty much and my skin was pretty bad on my sunburn and flaky after my travel trips, and my catchup session came up with my skin topic again and was asked how i maintain my skin.

i remember in my hokkaido trip, i had snails . it was pretty yummy! Let’s take a look at this yummylicious snails i had at my hokkaido trip!

Miraculously, snails have ultra-moisturizing power that penetrates into the skin.

Ciracle Repairing snail V3 Cream has employed the little creatures to allow skin cell regeneration, healing acne and blemishes, protecting skin against hamful UV rays and providing anti-ageing qualities.

i am pretty active in sports and travel trips, make it worst when i have sunburn, sun tanning or during model projects, sunblock cant do much to protect the skin in fact.

And after using Ciracle Repairing snail V3 Cream , my skin feels soft and smooth . The texture of my skin also looks better as the anti-aging product smooth all uneven skin texture . look at the close up of my skin…

Ciracle Repairing snail V3 Cream has ultra -moisturizing properties that penetrates deep within the skin’s inner layer, the elastin production within the skin is activated with snail mucus extracts that prevent sagging skin.

Tracing snail beauty roots back to ancient greeks, snails mucus was used to heal wounds and treat skin inflammations. with advanced technology recognizing the power of these little creatures, snail mucus is found to be rich in protein , glycolic acids and elastin that prove many benefits for the skin.

And the best thing about this Ciracle Repairing snail V3 cream, is priced cheaper than SKII , at $39.90 and it is available at BHG and Ciracle page 

Good News! Ciracle Singapore Facebook page is going a 30% OFF and the coupon code : Vday2013

And before i go… sharing my Chinese new year look … my lace cheongsum 🙂 Have a Chinky, Cheeky New year!

Stay tuned for my favourite all over body firming lotion coming up! 🙂

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