Ginevi wears Moment Watches this Lunar Snake Year 2013

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hi everyone,
it been a thrilling and interesting year of a dragon and coming up real soon in a few hours time… we have our Lunar Snake Year 2013…hissssss…..

Moment Watches is a premium brand whose fine range of watch collections offers modern designs, technical precision and distintive aesthetics that tells a meaningful story.

Each story is unique and caters to enhance the wearer’s experience and engage the emotions.

Experiences are lost forever unless we remember them , capture them , savour them , share them!

Moment watches makes a wonderful gift that will mark special moments forever.

My sponsored watch… USD$40

It is soooo cute, sporty and playful. it suits the little child in me which is a different side of me.
So, let us look at what is the story behind this unique NEW watch that i am getting. haaa… a small wrist with a huge ego to wear big watches 🙂 that’s my style 🙂

Be Playful. Moment to Unwind

Modern life is hectic, busy and overwhelming. But you dont have to let it get to you.

Winne remembers a time when she was carefree as a child and this watch brings her back to that period of simplicity, joy, peace, and faith are the building blocks of daily life.

Simplicity is all about removing the superfluous and adding the meaningful. so take the time to cultivate your downtime . it is during rest that we regain and refocus on what’s most important.

And Ginevi got to say :” i have NO TIME for people who take my time for granted!” 🙂

Life is short, Stay Happy Always! 🙂

I like how this watch is designed for me as a tetris design, it is my favourite game as it test the reflex and the pace get faster each stage. i love to capture every moment and build it beautifully 🙂 Yes, simplicity ! 🙂

if you really love the moment watches, it is only available online at

Exclusive discount code : FPPMW2701 (5% off all purchase) 

And according to some fengshui saying… some chinese zodiac sign need to wear snake skin or snake related items or objects… and the good news is, moment watches has it specially design for you!


Launched the 7th watch of ‘the Year of 52 Moments’ – 7/ 52 Be Jubilant. Rejoice!
This will be a great gift to mark the beginning of the Year of Snake – the year that’s powered by the energy that can help us face all of the challenges ahead of us.On sales now on our web site.
Share this Moment with your friends and family.
RRP: US$40.00While Stock Lasts! 🙂

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