5 Tips to Look Beautiful and Sweet for Valentine’s Day for ladies

Valentine’s Day is just 14 days away and if you are the lucky ones that has scored yourself a day. Here’s 5 Tips to Look Beautiful and Sweet for Valentine’s Day. This post is for ladies… my next post will be for man,… 5 tips as well 🙂 Stay Tuned.

1. Smells good with Damask Rose Body Milk and Body shampoo. Anything Rose brings the pleasant sweet lady in you and top up with the fragrances, for me i love Dior Addict… it makes me simply addictive 🙂

Damask Rose Body Shampoo

Having a good shower 1st thing when i woke up is something i love to do. Having the aromatic Rose Body shampoo makes me smell lady like and the gentle sweetness on my skin 🙂 lovely! 🙂

DamaskRoseBody Milk
Body milk helps my fragrances to last longer and makes me smell simply irresistable 🙂 that is my secret to smelling good. 🙂

2. Get a sexy Body Con that enhance your figure and show how sexy you are.

Tube dresses in nude color are elegant and sophiscated if you can carry it well, coz black is pretty expected. Lets do something unexpected for him.


3. Wear heels 🙂 and get your nails done and well manicured. A Sexy heels is what man loves to see… remember to practise your catwoman and well if you cant master it in time, you are perfect too, coz maybe you can make an excuse to hold him to regain your balance 🙂 well , isnt that sweet when it is unintentional 🙂

4. Kissable lips with  ZALORA: Kisstixx – Lipbalm made for Kissing ( only $19, while stock lasts! )

I would like to introduce Kisstixx® , a new beauty brand that has just joined ZALORA’s arsenal of innovative  products like colour-changing nail polish, nail caviar, eyeliner  tattoos, at: http://www.zalora.sg/catalog/kisstixx/

Kisstixx® is a lipbalm made for kissing – It is a high-quality lipbalm that comes packaged in two compatible  flavours – One for you, and one for your partner. When you kiss, these  flavours combine to create a chemical reaction that’s bursting with  flavours and aroma, making the kiss that much more unforgettable!

This flavored mix-and-match lipbalm comes in delectable flavours like  Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada, Strawberry & Chocolate (a  little extra kick from the chocolate endorphins, anyone?), and the  brand’s bestseller, Fire & Ice. Besides all the fun, the lipbalm  contains moisturizing ingredients for soft, kissable puckers and with  SPF15, it also protects from our island’s scorching sun.

5. Wear your Lovely BIG SMILE! 🙂
Lastly and as i always said : Stay Happy Always! Smile and flirt . This is the most beautiful assets of a beautiful lady 🙂

Have Fun and Enjoy! Get ready and Get going ! Love is in the air!
Happy Valentine’s day!!!! 🙂

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