Valentine day’s Special : Bellydance Extraordinaire

Ginevi goes to try Bellydance at Bellydance Extraordinaire recently. i must say it is indeed a very good experience and especially good for beginners.

For me, i have learn this form of art in 2009 and still learning occassionally at Pure Yoga on the saturday . it is indeed not something new for me. it is fun after a dance session. you learn your moves and you can even dance your shoulder shimmy or hip shimmy when going for the girls night out. Move the sexy moves with belly dancing, and you need a belly to dance it well. you just need to know how to use your core muscles and the different muscles of the body. In fact, to be honest , be it tennis, pole dancing, belly dancing, it starts with flexibility, and yoga especially hot yoga lets each part of the body open up and stretch more.

Bellydance Extraordinaire conduct yoga classes as well as the basic beginner classes of belly dance.

Situated at 90B Tanjong Pagar Road,level 3, Singapaore 088511. Just a few minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station exit A, pretty central and very accessible 🙂

Wondering what is a good gift for your love ones? perhaps a dance class package?

Let’s take a look at what the founder got to say :

” Oriental dance is not only an exercise but an Art form.

To me, its filled with beauty and spiritual enlightenment.

On the path of pursuing the art of dancing, I have received many friendships. These friendships that share the same passion have given me many wonderful moments of everlasting memories.

To me, the world is beautiful. There is only one dream, to dance with freedom and heart. This passion for dancing gives us better understanding of ourselves and everlasting inspiration of life.”


You will learn to do some signature bellydance movements such as the shoulder shimmy, hip drop, hip lift, shimmy and many more!

Time to shake all the stress away and have lots of fun!!! 🙂


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