Envizyme – Cleaning the way you want it!

hello everyone, have you been doing your spring cleaning the way you want it?

As you know Chinese Lunar New year is coming real soon and cleaning the house or keeping clean is the way we want things to be and it comes to choosing cleaning products… are you aware why your skin might itch, or have skin problem and many factors that might involved in these.

If you or someone you know is suffering from asthma, excema or other health issues, the cause may lie in the chemicals of household cleaners and personal care products we use everyday and assume are safe.

If you meet me in person , you probably will ask me what i do to maintain good skin that don’t look like age. probably, you will say blogger goes under the knife, do lots of things to make the skin perfect…well , i believe in natural beauty still and good sleep, drink more water, exercise well. So far as concern, i have not decide on doing anything under the knife as i have really low threshold of pain… the worst felt will be having to have braces on… GOSHhhhh trust me… i cry alot!

Having beautiful skin start from anything at home, on my office desk , thus, choosing cleaning products are important.

Interviewing CEO of Envizyme ECO Green Tree Cleaning Products with Hosts Gin and Marie Alexander. Let’s us watch this video Talk show on Envizyme and understand why it is unique to choose Envizyme as our household cleaning tools :

Use of natural dish wash means that you use less water for rinsing and you can be sure that there is no chemical residual on the dishes. by EnvizymeSG too.

Also, a little tips here : Envizyme all purpose cleaner is a very good stain remover for red wine… good to try it yourself. 🙂

For more details and information about Envizyme products , visit :

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