Valentine’s day special : Don’t Take too long to realise it…

hi everyone, writing about love or writing about a relationship is not something i am good at πŸ™‚ … however due to this valentine day coming real soon about a month to go… i realise there is some love messages i want to share with you and i wish i can pull you out, or pull up to wake up or to pull you to smile and be happy about life.

Why i am the best person to cheer you up?

i feel that i am the best person to cheer you up because
1. i am also single like you πŸ™‚
2. i am sincere in finding TRUE LOVE and believe in one
3. i need a shoulder to cry on just like you
4. i am beautiful but cant find a man that truely love me and can see me for my inner beauty
5. i am STRONG but i really need someone to care for me. A hug is sometimes the BEST i can ask for.

Well… so if you are SINGLE … you might say :
1. just haven’t meet the right one
2. no time for love
3. not looking good or earning a good pay
4. blame yourself that you didnt love well in your pass love

Or you are trapped by this two factors :
1. Love is not how rich he is to give you
2. Love is not how much he love you

soooo what love actually is? Β (have a thought about it)
My defination of love is …

Love is simply being comfortable with THE ONE and he will NEVER fail to try for you. The little things in life that makes you smile.
(the truth is, beauty fades, wealth fades, there is ups and downs in life and what matters most is believe in Love Conquers all <pretty sound like shakespheres love stories , however it holds true > )

For those who are stuck and still Holding yourself SINGLE…don’t believe this :
Lost Love is the GREATEST love because it remain perfect in your heart…

Don’t Take too long to realise it… πŸ™‚Β 

The TRUTH is…

Lost love is lost because the guy/girl stop trying and move on to someone esle.

nobody likes to be thrown away…

So, Move on fast… Keep your flirt on and Stay happy Always!
Have a open mind, start looking at those who really care for you, treasure and appreciate them, even if you cant love them, they are the one that truly care for you!

Moving Forward , in this year 2013… look forward to all the love you can find, don’t let anything delays your WORTH, find LOVE, happiness is in our hands.

Advance Happy Valentine Day! πŸ™‚ Hope my post inspires you to be happy! MOVE ON FAST!!!! STAY HAPPY ALWAYS!!!! πŸ™‚ I wish that your find your TRUE LOVE REAL SOON!

Coming up next, i will be reviewing beauty products or beauty services or places toΒ go for Lovey Dovey… let’s get ready for the NEW 2013 and the NEW YOU! πŸ™‚

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