Ginevi went food tasting at Shiraz at Star Vista

Shiraz Lazziz is a modern contemporary Persian Bistro & Bar. Situated at the alfresco second floor area of The Star Vista, Shiraz Lazziz is the perfect amalgamation of the best elements of Shiraz in an inspired form.

Delivering a distinctively inspired dining experience, Shiraz Lazziz presents a comprehensive menu crafted to reflect the interesting synthesis of Persian Cuisine in a modern bistro & bar setting, with exclusive dishes that exhibit the techniques and finesse of a culinary team that have honed their skills at the flagship restaurant, Shiraz Authentic Persian Cuisine.

Personally felt that it is a cozy corner of star vista and there is tv to watch football matches too… the setting is romantic with dim lights , for exotic couples or people who are daring for exotic food, unique taste and exquiste style. 🙂

Why do i say so? 🙂 <grins 🙂 >

Try bringing your man there or the guy you are dating or your friends … make him/her do the ordering and lets hear if he/she can pronounce the menu of the order. if you notice, they are all named uniquely with style.

Deserving no less attention is an impressive list of wines, befitting the best bistros with labels such as Salena Estate, Laura Hartwig and Viu Manent. Set amidst the intriguing outdoor landscape of The Star Vista, Shiraz Lazziz is the perfect place to indulge in a drink and special  attention has been given to the list of creative and imaginative cocktails

This Shiraz Cocktails is pretty strong … The Lazziz $15 A refreshing blend of persian mint tea , gin, vodka , tequila and rum makes for perfect sundown drink.

Capping off the indulgent experience at Shiraz Lazziz is the scintillating belly dance performances on select days. A vibrant and inspiring art form, that fits in perfectly with the ambience of Shiraz Lazziz.

Lazziz is the fifth outlet under the Shiraz Group of Restaurants.

Watch out for the Sixth outlet that is coming soon….plaza singapura…

now i gonna display the must have food that i have ordered and tried!
here goes… Salad Shirazi… crunchy crunch … it is a mixture of diced cucumber , tomatoes, onions and tossed in herbs and mixed olive oil, and it is sooo refreshing and no guilt of the usual salad dressing.

Olive Salad 🙂 : Olives, mixed vegetables, boiled eggs and boiled potatoes tossed  with mayonnaise

Rashth – $7 Shiraz special soup with onion , carrots, vermicelli cooked with olive oil and tomato for perfection!

BBQ Chicken wing, a must-have 🙂 appetizer… 🙂

i love this as a quick bite… Chicken shawarma $10 Boneless chicken marinated with saffron, persian spices and lemon juice, grilled to perfection.

Shiraz duck leg… $22 , marinated and oven roasted duck leg finished with a touch of traditional pomegranate sauce and served with zereshk polo.

A special highlight is the Roasted Duck Leg, which is marinated for a day and slow roasted for over 4 hours to achieve a perfectly crisp skin while the meat remains tender and juicy.

Lamb kubideh $35 , double skewers of tender ground lamb chargrilled to perfection and long grain rice cooked with saffron and iranian spices to perfection . if you dont like rice… these long grain is pretty unique, you will love it like i do.

Aficionados of the signature Shiraz charcoal grilled kebabs, will be delighted by the live charcoal grill that is prominently featured in the exquisitely crafted show kitchen. Chefs will skillfully chargrill meats and prepare the kebabs in full view of diners. The famous Shiraz Mazzeh Shawarmas are also available with the tantalizing rotisserie grilled meats being made to toasted kebab roll perfection.

Zereshk polo chicken $18 Chicken cooked with authentic persian spices served with flavoured rice with a touch of pomegranate and pistachio. Totally melted as i eat this… this is the BEST curry chicken i tasted. Pretty fashionably EXOTIC!

Those who long for the Signature Shiraz Basmati Rice will be happy to indulge in Meigu Polo, a delightful dish of specially selected prawns, slowly cooked with the rice to seal the natural sweetness and fresh flavours for a rich and hearty dish that is a Shiraz Lazziz special.

Meigu Polo – $18 Selected prawns and long grain basmati rice cooked with persian herbs and saffron.

This is the specialty, Meigu Polo, in selected prawns and long grain basmati rice cooked with persian herbs and saffron. it cost $18 for this dish below 🙂 pretty unique and exotic 🙂

What is a complete meal without a dessert ?

Baghlava $10 – An aphrodisiac pastry filled with chopped nuts and pistachios flavored in honey. the top choice for middle-eastern royalty! i feel like a princess when i taste this 🙂 i think this is great and unique.

At Shiraz Lazziz, a meal is never complete without a signature piccolo coffee. Made from the best sourced beans, coffee lovers will be astounded by the skill of the Shiraz Lazziz Barista as he grinds the beans, extracts the perfect espresso and pours the perfect piccolo, complete with latte art. For the adventurous, the Espressotini is a sophisticated coffee martini with a caffeine punch – the perfect drink to start off a Friday night!

Wanna try these yummylicious shiraz style? drop by at Shiraz Lazzig Bistro & Bar @ The Star Vista #02-20, 1 Vista Exchange Green, 138617 🙂 and bring me along with you 🙂

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