Ginevi attempted to delay Chronological Aging by using Institut Esthederm’s All-New Lift & Repair Range

Institut Esthederm’s All-New Lift & Repair Range

–       Lift the Surface, Repair Deep Down –

French professional skincare brand Institut Esthederm has always had a differentiating philosophy on youth. The brand believes it is vital to maintain the skin’s youthfulness very early in life and hence advocates that corrective damage must be done to the dermis before signs of aging appear.

Institut Esthederm launch its new Lift & Repair Range – specially formulated to provide both surface lifting action and in-depth repair action to treat both the skin’s surface and lower cutaneous layer for a fresher and revitalized appearance.

Delaying Chronological Aging

Over time, the appearance and quality of the human skin diminishes as a result of chronological aging. Its connective tissues slackens, muscles lose their tone, microcirculation slows down and the adipose tissue is no longer supported and collapses due to gravity, which accentuates skin sagging. These consequences are then visible on the skin’s surface and become increasingly pronounced. To counter this inevitable process, Institut Esthederm introduces Lift & Repair Range that seeks to push back the natural chronological aging process for timeless beauty. 

So, Ginevi went to Maylade International Beaute Clinique at Novena Square 2 #B1-101/104 for her facial treatment with Institut Esthederm products with Four Technologies of effectiveness , massaging each product successfully into the skin. Bringing the skin, radiance, lifting, and also promote circulation to improve my skin sagging due to gravity .

The procedure is so safe and good for our skin that it can be done as often as every week 🙂 

before i start my facial… i cant help but to share this picture on the wall. i think it is pretty artistic and nice!

Four Technologies for Synergistic Effectiveness

For a global lifting effect, Institut Esthederm uses the new Lift Technology that biologically strengthens the epidermal network and mechanically lifts the skin. The combined action of several active ingredients: Manioc Extract, Wheat Protein and Beach Bud Extract help intensely moisturize, firm and smooth the skin. 

This works in conjunction with the new Repair Technology which regenerates the dermal support structure by replumping the skin from within using active ingredients of synthetic Oligopeptide and Centella Asiatica. Skin regains its firmness and elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed away, giving you a more youthful-looking complexion.

As in all Esthederm products, the cream is also formulated with the brand’s renowned Cellular Water patent which optimizes the vital functions of the cells. Ideally balanced in mineral salts and trace elements, Cellular Water provides the skin with the energy it requires daily to function at its full potential while restoring freshness, radiance and vitality to the skin.

In addition, the range is also enriched with Institut Esthederm’s Time Control System (TCS) patent that preserves skin’s youthfulness. It does this by stimulating mitochondria, enabling them to continuously supply vital cell energy while reducing excess free radicals to maintain skin metabolism, thus slowing down the skin aging process.

Lift & Repair Absolute Tightening Serum ($200, 30ml) – Thanks to its ultra-concentrated formula, this high-performance serum instantly tones skin with lasting results. Daily use sees features appear firmer and contours reshaped. Directions: Apply to dry cleansed face and neck, morning and evening, alone or ideally before Absolute Smoothing Cream.

Lift & Repair Absolute Smoothing Cream ($198, 50ml) – This rich cream firms facial features and instantly diminishes wrinkles and fine lines, while adding luminosity to the complexion. Daily use sees skin immediately lifted with lasting tone and vitality. Directions: Apply to dry cleansed face and neck, morning and evening, alone or ideally after Absolute Tightening Serum. [1]Studies have shown a 23% decrease in wrinkle volume immediately after application of Absolute Tightening Serum and Absolute Smoothing Cream.

Lift & Repair Eye Contour Smoothing Care ($145, 15ml) – This eye contour care, with its lifting gel texture, smoothes and diminishes wrinkles and crow’s feet upon application. The eye gel helps recover its youthful appearance for more luminous and brighter-looking eyes. Directions: Apply to dry cleansed eye contour, morning and evening. Gently smooth into skin, from the inner to the outer eye contour.

An Effective Esthetic Skin Lifting Treatment: Esthelift ($220, 90min)

To effectively treat wrinkles, volumes and contours, Institut Esthederm has specially developed a new salon treatment – Esthelift – that works in synergy with the Lift & Repair Range. Inspired by physical therapy techniques and cosmetic beauty procedures, this unique treatment targets the Musculo (muscles) Angio (microcirculation) Connective (skin tissue) System which helps maintain fat lobules in their original position, giving the face its plump appearance.

Ideal for women aged 35 and above, this seven-step treatment targets three facial areas: eyes and eyelids; cheeks, smile lines and contours; and décolletage, neck and double chin by relaxing muscles that cause expression lines and mobilizing and stimulating muscles that cause slackened facial contours for firmer skin, smoothed away wrinkles, resculpted volumes and sharper silhouettes.

The mask is easily removed off my face, fuss free and it looks kinda artistic 🙂 like the movie : The mask haha 🙂

The overall experience for the facial using Institute Esthederm product is good. My skin looks healthy, glowing and with radiance. i love the lifting effect after one facial. Overall, the environment was nice too. easy accessible and really like Institute Esthederm lift and repair range.  It really makes a difference after 1 use . It is true that as you age, you will need a better product. i would recommand this to my readers who needs a lift and repair for your skin. 🙂

Also, i like to share this special products from Institute Esthederm :

Unique Patent: Cellular Water

Unique to Institut Esthederm, Cellular Water has been created from years of research and is designed to have a composition identical to the water that naturally exists in your body. This water provides skin cells with the optimal environment for health and development. Upon application, Cellular Water helps optimise the energy and activity levels of the skin cells, whilst supplying freshness, vitality and radiance. This effective but gentle ingredient guarantees exceptional tolerance for even the most sensitive of skins, leaving it feeling revived, nourished and luminous.


The Institut Esthederm Lift & Repair Range is now available at all Institut Esthederm consultant salons. For salon listings, please call 6272 3898. For more information, simply visit

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