Liver and the city : Liver Care for this festive season!

Too much of a good stuff is not good.
(here, i am referring to festive season yummylicious food)

We tend to eat more and good christmas feast and restaurants promotion are just something we cannot say no to. Are you guilty of too much calories intake and not taking care of your liver well ?

Liver – The Silent Organ

Liver damage usually has mild or no symptoms. Most of the times, liver problems remain hidden until at advance stage as the liver is capable of rebuilding liver cells and continue to function even if up to 75% of its overall mass is damaged.

Fatty / sugary diets, overweight, pesticides exposure, food chemicals and drug reaction are the possible causes to liver damage and may impair the functioning of liver. To cope with the influx of toxins, the liver has to work very hard to keep you in good health. For example, merely to degrade a can of beer, your liver has to work for 4 hours consecutively, forcing the liver to compromise its functions on other activities. Such condition will result in higher metabolic waste being circulated in your system. If you liver turns less effective, damages may prevail. Inflammation and scarring (‘fibrosis’) are liver damages that results in inefficient liver functioning. The untreated degeneration condition will worsen and lead to hardened liver – liver failure, or even liver cancer.

Liver is the crucial organ to ensure toxic waste is removed efficiently and nutrients are channeled to overall body. With more than 500 tasks, liver is termed the ‘Super Organ’ as it supports detoxification, aids digestion, filters body waste, and distributes nutrients.

Functions of liver include:

  • Produces bile to aid digestion
  • Stores sugar as glycogen as immediate source of energy
  • Stores vitamin and mineral
  • Generates and decomposes amino acids and fats
  • Detoxifies harmful substances that enter your body
  • Produces immune factors and removes bacteria from blood stream

Conversation about Holiday Lifestyle and Liver Health with Dr. Law Ngai-Moh  (Raffles Hospital ) at Lp + Tetsu , 03-18 Tanglin Mall.

Beautiful restaurant served really GREAT food… as i eat.. i feel more guilty like i must really work it out…. nonetheless let’s look at the beautiful pictures of the food i have.

This Beautiful restaurant as i will say, we must at least dine here once in a lifetime, it is an award winning FRENCH JAPANESE restaurant and as you know i have fonded FRENCH language as much as i had picked up this language for two semester, of coz i do understand watching movies with no subtitle in french, read yes but mayb not too good in verbal as i guess , needs lots of verbal practise 🙂

Lp + Tetsu 163 Tanglin Road, #03-18 Tanglin Mall

LP+Tetsu is a contemporary French-Japanese fine dining restaurant helmed by one-Michelin-star Chef Laurent Peugeot. The menu is strongly influenced by both traditional and modern French and Japanese culinary techniques and ingredients, and given a local twist with the addition of spices and the use of native produce in some of the dishes.

With the innovative use of some unconventional ingredients complemented by an elegant presentation style, a meal at LP+Tetsu is a gastronomic adventure that promises to invoke all the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste in a never-seen-before approach in Singapore.

This restaurant is good for fine dining, private dining room, romantic dinner or lunch, business lunch and wine list.

Classy look at the restaurant and the settings :

We had a cozy lunch called Encounters ( available from monday to sunday)

Let’s look at the lovely appetizer, who would say NO or turn these down? Mayonaise Yuzu, karashi and roquette ( starting from the white)

These bread simply taste superb! even u hate bread i bet you will still munch some! 🙂 GREAT with olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Sea Bream California roll… done in a fish wrap…so fresh it just slide down the throat 🙂 Goshhhhhh . sesame wasabi, yuzu with mayonnaise, karashi mustard and rocket salad, melts in your mouth and play with your tongue!

“Supreme” Guinea Fowl Confit with shiitake mushroom and chestnut pearls… full of GUILT eating this… goshhhh but i really cant resist it. soooo palatable . if there is one temptation i would not resist to… this is it! 🙂

Camembert from Normandie Black Sesame Paste and Beetroot Chutney. how we started and how we end… pretty thoughtful .

Poached Clementine Orange Flower Salted Caramel Butter Sable – Sweet memories of this dish… i cant help but to finish it all up.

I am feeling kinda guilty now when it comes to festive season and i had yummylicious food … well exercises and keeping fit sometimes can’t really get into a hectic lifestyle and supplement comes in for our health and liver support.

There is really a lot of science and medical terms into liver, i shall not go into details as i would most like advise you to consult the professionals (doctors). Let me introduce what i will do to protect my liver.

So, i choose Essentiale Forte N for natural liver detoxification for optimal liver function and good health.

Directions : 3 times a day, 2 capsule each time.

Beautiful skin comes with a healthy lifestyle and let’s well maintain it with Essentiale Forte N . it supports vital functions of the liver. 🙂 consult a doctor for advice in consumption and for people who drinks, dont forget to take care of your liver 🙂

Stay HEALTHY and HAPPY always 🙂


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