Bad Breakouts ! The products that saved my skin! V10Plus

hi everyone, you know i am looking back to the days i have really bad breakouts … yes my skin was in a state when bad breakouts happened when i took up a hot yoga class and open pores and sweat kinda make it worst when my skin was so sensitive and i didnt really cleanse it with a right cleanse. usually i will just rush for my hot yoga class , and worst sometimes to have my makeup on for my class.

I took my beautiful skin for granted and i am glad i met the fantastic product : V10 Plus and the wonderful team people . Looking back now, i really want to thank god for that wonderful opportunity that came.

Now that my skin is all good, let me shared with you what are the key products that i used to save my skin . During that period of time. i must say. none of the product is helping me. it just feel FLAKY , ITCHY even after cleanse . and breakouts is like after u have a acne at that area, it is so itchy and when u scratch or touch , it just multiply and soon its pretty bad.

I was pretty worried and i met the team of V10 plus in a casual BBQ dinner. (serendipity takes place) i shared the fact that i really love me skin and love looking good. i am really upset my skin is bad state.

This is how i look back then :


This is how i look now, and i am still using the cleanser 🙂 really loving it as it does not makes my skin feels tight. it moisturise my skin after wash and really feels good and there is a minty feeling.

Type: Basic-Care

This rich and gentle gel cleanses impurities with Natural Plant extract. It moisturizes skin and Plant extract enhances the retention of essential moisture which keeps skin soft and smooth.

Directions: Pump a small amount (about 2 cm) into palm, lather it with water and massage over the face. Rinse off with water or lukewarm water.

V 10 PLUS NANO GEL 5 in 1

Type: Basic-Care

All-in-one simple & perfect beauty gel.

This all-in-one beauty gel contains OSC (Ocean Stress  Complex) and the nano capsule made by Vitamin-C which  contains OWC (Ocean White Complex) . Nano capsule  enters into the depth of the skin (basal stratum) and attackthe Melanocyte directly.

i am still using this NANO Gel 5 in 1 because it is really something that i must apply to calm any redness and itchness that will happen after my hot yoga class.

A perfect 5 in 1 gel that is suitable for both men and woman because it is light and easy to use. i like the moisturising effect and does not feel sticky or greasy. what more could i say other than “MUST HAVE BEAUTY PRODUCT!” A number travel gel that i would bring for my overseas trip 🙂

This beauty gel has 5 effects of:

  1. TONER
  2. MILK

Freckles tend to show in the dry type skin. To solve this problem, this beauty gel increases the moisturizing power  with Seaweed and Pearl extract.

How to use

Morning and evening. Pump a small amount and apply evenly over the face after the serum. Let it work for a few minutes before applying your sunblock.


Type: Basic-Care

Water base Sun Block protector which has skin protection from both UVA and UVB, with whitening and moisturizing functions. By employing gel-network formula, safety UV absorber, TITANIUM DIOXIDE / ZINC OXIDE: special processed UV scatter gives your skin a non-powdery finish. ASCORBYL TETRAISOPALMITATE: Vitamin-C derivative restricts melanogenesis and eliminates free radical. It can be used as a make-up base.

(SPF 40  PA+++)

Definately a must for me when i am in my outdoor run. i have problems with alot of sunblock coz it feels greasy , itchy , sticky… and sometimes, using sunblock makes my skin sensitive and tends to have acne . however V10 plus was really good even for a bad skin condition for me.

Directions: Before make-up, apply on face as a make-up base. Even when you don’t put make-up, apply it to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

V10 Plus Okinawa deep sea water mask.

Directions: apply it at night all over the skin and leave it on for 15minutes then wipe off or light rinse.

Ingredients : water, glycerin, isopentyidiol, algae extract, sodium hyaluronote, butylene gylcol, phenoxyethanol.

Special care series :


Type: Special-Care

This gentle peeling contains  rice bran extract & seaweed extract. Without any harsh scrubbing, it effectively removes dead skin  cells and reveals a cleaner & clearer skin instantly.

it helps my skin renewal and effectively helps the bad dead skin cells to be removed and yet it is mild and not chemically damage to my sensitive itchy skin during that time. Yes suitable for even during my breakout days.

Directions: Pump an appropriate amount and leave it on cleansed & dry skin for 5 seconds. Then massage gently with your finger tips in circular motion. Dead skin cells in the form of tiny flakes will appear shortly. Rinse off the flakes thoroughly with water

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And Yeahhhh beautiful skin :

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