Ginevi was invited to Cozycot Beauty Forum 2012 with Olay


I am wearing a red outfit to match olay skincare productimage-1

It’s been a good experience to be at Cozycot beauty forum 2012. sharing on skincare tips and how i manage to maintain youthful skin with olay 🙂

In case you missed it. here’s my beauty review on Olay Regenerist wrinkle relaxing cream

What is your skin type? How is your skin condition?
My skin type, normal to dehydrated skin.  My skin condition is more of a thirsty skin, needs lots of hydration.

What is perceived as your biggest skin problem?
dry skin tends to have wrinkles formation. so the best way to prevent is to use olay Regenerist wrinkle relaxing cream.

How do you tackle the skin problem?
Stay happy everyday, use olay Regenerist wrinkle relaxing cream, sleep early and eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Can you share with us your skin care tips? / How did you maintain such nice skin texture?
cleanse the skin thoroughly, tone it well and use olay Regenerist wrinkle relaxing cream

What is your daily skin care routine?
keeping it simple, Cleanse, tone and moisturise. 🙂

If there is one skin problem you want to correct, what will be that one?
hmm… less expose to the sun and to keep my skin fair 🙂

In the upcoming 2013, what is your goal for your skin?
keep a healthy lifestyle, continue to work on perfecting the skin . cleanse the skin thoroughly and use olay religiously 🙂

You’ve tried the Olay Regenerist wrinkle relaxing cream. How do you like it?

Also there after, we went for a celebration at Little Bali 🙂 let’s take a look at what we ate : yum yum yum….

Appetizers : 
Mango Prawns, juicy and i like the freshness and crunchy bite of the prawns.

Gado Gado … we scream for ” more Gado gado Sauce ” the crunchy vege and the beancurb just make it perfect.

Mains : 

Vegetarian Green Curry, very authethic , rich and creamy. goes very well with steam rice 🙂 just a pity they dont have chicken or potato to go with . i would prefer green curry with meat. 🙂

Blue bali crispy roasted chicken… actually i would prefer chicken penyet as it will be more authethic style. 🙂 but i am not complaining because of the crispy crackers yum yum 😛  This is pretty a huge serving. whether it is a couple date or a gfs hangout. i would say. this is enough for 3 persons if you are ordering with other side dishes.

Dessert time … Crispy banana and vanilla icecream… for the sweet tooth and hungry stomach for desserts. 🙂 something like a goreng pisang 🙂

Overall experience : 
it does feel like a romantic place with dim lights … however i still prefer the previous one and the current style seem to lose some romantic feel… i guess my vote of a romantic place for dinner … sorry … i am not casting my vote to Little bali. i would cast my vote as a relaxing chill out place instead. Till then… what would you suggest of a romantic dinner place?

Check out their website :

1D Cluny Road. Re experience the feeling of Bali in Singapore!

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