Ginevi have a yummylicious session at Fat Fish Thai Steamboat Buffet at eHub

hi everyone, our weather in singapore have been quite overwhelmed with heavy rain and it’s been rather cold . i wonder is it just me coz whenever it is cold, i would crave for steamy hot pot like a sabu sabu style 🙂

Fat Fish Thai Steamboat Buffet at eHub, Downtown East #01-103 offers a wide selection . Fatfish Thai Steamboat provides a cozy and quiet dinning environment specially suitable for family and friends gathering. It specialises in Indochinese and Thai cuisine.

This is not my first time to try Thai Steamboat Buffet , however i would like to share my detailed opinion on this. 🙂

Soup Base: This is one of the best Tom Yam soup that I’ve tasted so far, pretty authentic Thai Tom Yam, just that i wish it is a little bit more spicy. The chicken soup also has the right blend and it’s still not too salty for consumption even after absorbing the flavour and sweetness from all the items you’ve thrown in.

Food: Similar to many other steamboat restaurants that are operating at large, they serve an array of selections to suit a hungry tummy. The menu has 2 different sections: a page for buffet and the other for premium dishes which can be ordered at a chargeable fee.

This steamboat restaurant practise ‘no to food wastage’ philosophy too.

Some of the items are marinated to give the extra flavour . and meat are wrapped in styrofoam plates for maximum freshness. The portion is also served according to the number of diners in reasonable portion.

Beverage: All drinks are payable at a rate and there is a variety of drinks from non alcohol to alcohol.

Service: I have to compliment them for their professionalism and experience in providing the best for their customers. Alice came and asked everything is doing well, Also , they will check on us if we need our soup refilled.

I like it when alice check if i would like their popular items and also ask if i need to topup on any dishes.

There is a variety of meat choices and they are in thin slices

Not only is the food promptly served, the plates were also frequently cleared to provide space for the new orders.

Ambience/Setting: Clean, comfortable and hygiene 🙂

Value: At an initial price of $25.90 weekday and addition$3 for weekend buffet respectively. well… reasonable for a steamboat dinner outside 🙂

Overall: I would say for the price you are paying –  a few dollars more than the typical steamboat buffet that you’ll find at Beach Road/Chinatown/Geylang – however, it would be of a nice ambience and the freshness of the food is of a certain standard,  excellent service attitude and comfortable dinner.

Looking out for a steamy hot pot for this christmas? Try Thai Steamboat at Fat Fish Downtown east ! 🙂


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