COSMECOLOGY HYDRA SKIN – Hydrating Cream for Skin Beauty

COSMECOLOGY was born from a deep awareness that the future of mankind lies in respecting and preserving our beautiful nature:
– the product packaging is designed to minimize the amount of material used, and is also recyclable.

COSMECOLOGY is the perfect harmony between human and plant cells.

Hydrating Cream for Skin Beauty

HYDRA SKIN is a skin cream that provides protection and hydration throughout the day. Its exceptionally silky texture absorbs into the skin and diffuses its precious plant ingredients. Day after day, the skin becomes soft, supple and radiant.

This product is suitable for all SKIN types With Aloe Vera.

– Hyaluronic Acid retains water in the epidermis.
– Shea Butter provides the skin with intense comfort.
– Phospholipids are protective and nourishing agents.


After 15 days of treatment (application morning and evening) in a 6 person case study:

83.3% of participants found their skin felt more comfortable and better hydrated.
100% of participants reported an improvement in the softness of  their skin.

i love my skin after it is well moisturized! it is soft , supple and very smooth when i touch it 🙂 i use it to hydrates my skin so i can have good sleep , no tight feeling and skin is well taken care of as a hydrating cream for the night 🙂

in the day, i will use after i wash my face in the morning, it does not feel sticky or oily and i love to also use as a massage cream to destress all tension 🙂

A handy hydrating cream and a multi-purpose cream for both sexes. 🙂  see my happy smile and you know how much i love   COSMECOLOGY HYDRA SKIN

4 thoughts on “COSMECOLOGY HYDRA SKIN – Hydrating Cream for Skin Beauty

  1. HI Ginevi – it is Robyn here from Cosmecology Paris in Australia. Thank you for your blog and so glad you love the hydra creme. I use it all the time when travelling as a day and night cream. Perfect.
    Would you like to me be included on my database of Beauty Bloggers. If you could provide me with your email address and also the state of which you live in. Many Thanks. Robyn

    • hi Robyn,
      i am very glad to hear from you. i love the hydra creme for day and night and as and when it is for my to use it. it is perfect indeed. i would like to be included on the beauty bloggers database… i am from singapore. my email address is . May i know which part of australia are you in australia?

    • for cosmecology they can contact Beauty veranda for shampoo & body care. or call 97994824 for stock list

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