Streetdirectory : Singapore Maps App that helps me DISCOVER new places to go!

Ever hear about getting lost in singapore?
Not sure about the road?
Where to check for tips or good food nearby?
My gps mislead me Again!? how?

Are these common questions that you need to know ?

Waking up to a lovely day to DISCOVER new places to go! (places that will not collide with the Standard Chartered marathon . Streetdirectory Singapore Maps App comes in handy when it is FREE of charge!

Easy Peasy Lazy Sunday with my “David Beckham” breakfast as i named it hmm…looking at it simply made me laugh! 🙂

if you can visualise this, in my perspective, it looks like a face with David Beckham signature hair and the really cool manly expression 🙂 soooo cute!

how does it tastes… Always Appetizing!

How about a walk over to Kent Ridge park since it is nearby , direction is never a problem if you have street directory maps.

You get magnificent views of the off-shore islands such as Pulau Duran Darat. You enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of the park

Walks like this is fun and exciting and it is an excellent place to relax your mind after a hectic week , feel it close to the nature… and if you love to discover places…it is a perfect place to hang out.

And there is directions instruction to guide you if you drive there. step by step to prepare you as you drive there. knowing your route is something i recommand as GPS have caused alot of trouble for me and extra trips or miss turn or even longer route happens.

there is tips and review of people who been there and they shared too on the streetdirectory map.

you can save as your favourites if you like this place too.

what esle… mayb let me share a little bit about Kent Ridge Park after the walk and scroll and i actually like it alot. it makes me read into it more and this is what i found in a summary  in my way :

It was designed to retain the natural vegetation and topography of the original site, so has a natural look and feel to it with nature trails for nature lovers.  Besides nature appreciation, it also caters for recreational needs and has jogging tracks and 20 fitness stations for members of the public.

Other facilities include shelters, a restroom, and multi-purpose court.

M114 Artillery Gun donated by the Singapore Army at the Vigilante Drive
entrance to Kent Ridge Park. 

This site is historically important and was where the Battle for Pasir Panjang was fought between the Japanese forces and the Malay Regiment during World War II in February 1941.  To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the end of World War II, a plaque was installed at the upper carpark and as part of the Army’s adoption of the park as The Army Green Park, two decommissioned M114 Artillery Guns and an AMX- 13 Light Tank are displayed in the park to provide points of interest.

These are interesting reads and there is definately more if you do a google search on… okay, let me end the day and till then, to discover another new place in singapore with street directory app. 🙂

P.S: i am glad to be part of the street directory Top Blogger 🙂

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