NEW! DASODA – The Brand for Sweet and Lovely Dreams.

Hi Everyone, i would like to share with you a wonderful product from this New Brand : Dasoda. Yeah a very cute and sweet name.

The good news is the price of their makeup product is extremely affordable. Dasoda have a wide range of product you can choose from .

Today, i would like to introduce you the product that i really like it alot and something very handy that you dont need to bring bulky makeup pouch when you are out.

DASODA  MG Mega Liquid  Concealer (pen)
The brush of this concealer is very soft. I like this product because of it’s 3 benefits. it can be used as a concealer and the calligraphy brush is so smooth that it can achieve flawless coverage on the complexion.
Next, it can be use as a highlighter to add brightness instantaneously with  a stroke while harmonizing all the features of the face. Professional quality.
And lastly, i like the lift up functions which includes various ingredients that  provide lifting effect on my skin, i like to use around eye area, (spots and wrinkes) if any and also laugh lines and expression lines. 🙂

Tip of the day : cap and seal your product well in makeup pouch , avoid expose in the aircon room. my concealer, mascara tend to dry up fast if i didnt put them in makeup pouch.

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