PALGANTONG “JELLY” COLLECTION – What’s in my makeup pouch?

hi everyone,
today i am going to recommand 2 makeup essentials that i have it in my makeup pouch. i like natural makeup not something too much, too extreme and i prefer not to go too naked on my skin as it is a basic respect i will do to make sure i look nice and neat before i step out of my house.

of coz we are not talking about going out to my hot yoga classes or my jogging session or any fitness session that i am doing as i will be in my naked face. Right now, i am referring to commuting to work and not over doing my makeup , have a freshen up face .

Here’s my 2 handy products that i wanna recommand to you. I have been using these 2 products for 2 weeks so far and still loving it 🙂

Let me start of with the PALGANTONG Glow skin base in GOLD RUSH
what do i like about this product? 

The texture of the product is non-oily or sticky. it is pretty smooth and can be blend easily, giving my skin a light glow. this product is made in korea so i guess the skin benefit will be pretty good . there is a light gentle scent of the product , pretty good. i like the glow in my skin . however , if you are looking for a coverage in this product, probably would advise you to use a tinted moisturizer or concealer before using this product. 🙂

Overall, this product give your skin a healthy glow and you will look pretty classy with it. 🙂  Good point about this product : it is easy to remove and does not stain the face 🙂

Next up, I will use a PGT Brilliant Jelly Shadow – Coral Pink, this is pretty straight forward product and is easy to use. can just use your fingers to blend as a base over the eye lid , give the lid a gentle sparkle. 🙂  The Coral Pink shade blend very well into the skin . it does not make my eye lid oily. i like it very much and like to recommand to you.

This collection of PALGANTONG is only available at selected Sasa stores and BHG.:) do check it out. have fun with your christmas shopping !

for more information, check out

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