SAMPAR – Smart Skin in the City – Late night saver

Let me introduce 3 wonderful product that can aid late night and working late… of coz the 3 steps is very important , cleanse , tone and moisturiser , however today i am going to introduce the NOT-TO- IGNORE steps , i called it My ESSENTIALS .

1 . SAMPAR Peeling Equilibre Moussant (STAR PRODUCT)

Remember to do a alternate day Equalizing Foam peel. it exfoliaes & renew the skin. Apply to the face , twice a week and avoiding the eye are . leave on for 2 min. then add water and rub into skin with fingertips and rinse thoroughly.

2. SAMPAR Glamour Shot Yeux

instantly masks wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness in 1 min.

24 hours is never enough for a girl like me… minus away 8-16 hours of work and exercise (including transportation)  well… that like another 8 hours left for sleep  so, dark circles  puffiness around the eye around is unavoidable. And having a portable SAMPAR Glamour Shot Yeux is pretty handy and thank for this wonderful item. 🙂 i totally love it! It is like a gelish liquid form texture. it is not oily. the cotton tip is v gentle for my eyes. 🙂  usu. i will do a gentle tapping and it is easily absorbed into my eye area making it nice and bright. 🙂 the gentle eye massage promote  blood circulation.


3. SAMPAR Glamour shot
minimizes wrinkles & imperfections in 1 min.

I am a jovial girl , so i love to smile alot. Laugh alot and expression line is formed or created by me… so to ease the effect of that, i will usually use SAMPAR Glamour shot after cleanse my face. A gentle massage help to ease the expression line and make me look good 🙂  The product is not too rich or oily. pretty good to use and the size is on the go. i can even bring it overseas 🙂  when i am out station 🙂

For more SAMPAR products information, check out CozyCot Retail Store located at Orchard Central #02-24/25

Time for some Christmas shopping ! 🙂 merry christmas!!! 🙂

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