i’m modelling for LovePine

hi everyone,

Lately I am really bz and I’ve been modelling for a brand new label called Love Pine. It’s Abstract, sweet and everyday wear, goshhh i love it ! !

Gonna introduce 2 dresses that i like it v much at $25 per dress. As you know usually a dress cost more if the material is good or with textured like lace or chiffon .

If you are concern on the length like is it too revealing , too short or… no worries from Love Pine. it is all pretty ok in length and you can even wear it to work. 🙂 not overly sexy till your male bosses or female bosses will stare at you.

Standing at 165cm

Intricate Lace Romance Dress – $25 Only

Space Fantasy Journey Dress – $25 Only


Check out more of their collection here:

oh well.. we come to the end of this post… i am looking forward to more modelling opportunities and GREAT shot 🙂

email me : gineviwong@gmail.com 🙂 i am interested for modelling shoot, fashion shoot, product shoot or corporate shoot , hair model , etc 🙂

Look forward to hear from you. 🙂

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