WaterSource Aroma Theraphy 9000 Shower head

hi everyone.

Beauty starts from home. Our skin is beautiful when we are not stress up.
My tip to release stress is to have a GOOD shower. After a long day of work… nothing beats a real good shower and i totally love it when i am recharge and well clean in the shower.

And the favourite place  at home other than my bed , i love to be in the bathroom . This is where i will bath myself and smell good . Earlier my post i talk about dental hygiene and now i have to talk about shower.

You know Body Odour is something out of personal hygiene… just like bad breathe. you really have to keep yourself clean. i am pretty turn off by all these bad smell.

Also, beautiful skin start right into cleansing.  Read bout my earlier post : { CLICK HERE } 

Checklist for your personal hygiene : 
1. Did you shower in the morning? Please at least do a quick one . < it is a turn off for those who dont shower! And you totally smell like your bed!>

2. Did you shower even if you are really drunk?

3. Did you shower after being sweaty due to the hot weather?

if the above is no. i guess, you might be smelling like your dog …hahahaa < you are in a serious situation and it is time to really look into how well you treat your skin >

Look at your skin… does it age faster or look aging? do u have pimples on ur body, itch , or poor skin texture?

Yes! it is time to keep clean, wash up and love yourself! it is never too late!

Introducing the fast and effective WaterSource Aroma Theraphy 9000 Shower head – Aroma & vitamin C shower head.

I used to be a tanned volleyball player and i love sports , swimming etc. so being fair is like near impossible … but nonetheless, i am determined to look good, to improve myself and with GREAT determination, despite the vitamin c from fruits, serum, lotions, etc. now we have it in the shower head.

The condensed and pharmaceutical grade vitamin c – the equivalent of 3000 lemons in a single filter. <Whoa! GREAT product isn’t it? 🙂 >
– it keeps our skin healthy and supple.
– prevent skin damage by creating collagen
– moisturing and great for beauty care
– excellent in beauty , moisturizing preventing atopic dermantitis, itch, eczema, asthma, etc

Other benefits from WaterSource Aroma Theraphy 9000 Shower head: 

• WaterSource Aromatherapy Shower Head removes chlorine while bathing
• Designer Style Chic like Faucet has green, eco functions.
• Eco and Vegan
• Cancer tumours cannot survive in Alkaline Water! 🙂
• Stimulates Sex Drive <whoa! i really don’t know how true this is 🙂 >
• Pregnant Woman drinking this water, Babies born of Intelligence above average • Improves Eczema & skin on Body < this is pretty a beneficial factor >
• Reduce Wrinkles, Pimples, Acne, Dark Spots & Freckles < look young and anti-ageing > 
• Cooking the water as it improves flavour of your rice, soup & beverages
• Improves Metabolism, Detoxifies & Relieve Aches
• Improves Sleep & Hydrates Body

i really like this unique piece i received! WaterSource Aroma Theraphy 9000 Shower head makes my shower good and i love it when it has aromatic and vitamin c filter that boost my skin to whitening . i really love the boost on reduce wrinkles and i love the whitening and moisturizing effect it have on my skin .

sorry i cant do a shower post heehee… incase your imagination go wild. 🙂

Join WaterSource Singapore facebook for more updates and insight news to be healthy. { CLICK HERE } 
Stay happy and healthy always! :) Also, don’t forget to keep yourself lively and exercise regulary too

for more information : http://www.watersource.com.sg

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