Check your breath , Dental hygiene with AFC Japan and my regular dental visit at Victoria Dentalcare

hi everyone.
i guess this is a pretty common topic and usually in a conversation. it will comes to my teeth as i used to wear braces… so let me share with you how i took care of my teeth and also my favourite dental visit . It is at Victoria Dentalcare! { click here } Yeah can quote you know them from gin wong blog . (usually the two outlet which i go to is sengkang and marina square. though they used to be at shenton when i 1st found them 🙂 )

i am very glad that AFC Japan and me have been sponsoring me monthly and taking good care of me 🙂 well… it is actually pretty interesting to have a dental care regime . yes some might said gossshhh you are like a perfectionist. well i think i am ok… probably what can a single girl like me find things to keep myself bz , huh… so why not spend some time on looking into myself and caring for myself. 🙂

how often do i visit the dentist when i have braces ? 
i am pretty serious and consistent… so i must say it is 3 weeks interval. so making my teeth are moving well and also consistently check my teeth hygiene and brushing it . in some visit i do polish and scaling… 3-6 months interval is good .

Frankly speaking. i feel that checking your breath is super duper important…
it always put me off when a guy/girl have a bad breath . sometimes i feel maybe if you didnt really bother to check on your hair , your skin.. at least, pls check your breathe… goshhh…. < i sound like i have some bad breath experience  huh hahahaa >

first of all. i would like to introduce my daily regime of my favourite toothbrush from AFC Japan.

HAPICA Periodontal Ultra priced at $15.80 and it comes with HAPICA Periodontal Ultra Replacement Brush Heads priced at $10.19 for 2 . 

HAPICA Periodontal Ultra : Super gentle sonic toothbrush for the most comfortable dental care

  • Intelligent special-cut ultrafine bristles and ultra compact brush head effectively remove food particles and plaque along gum line, gum pockets and back teeth
  • Super gentle on sensitive teeth and gum
  • Massages gum to stimulate gum circulation and promote gum health

Content: 1 HAPICA sonic toothbrush body, 1 HAPICA Periodontal Ultra brush head, 1 AA heavy duty battery

i like the vibration that it gives my gum some massage and gently giving it good gum circulation . 🙂 < yeaaa that is how “vain” i am when it comes to my teeth 🙂 >

we only have a set of teeth and as you know if we dont take good care of it. that is it. we might have to spend more or have more things to spend on… that is why it is always have a good investment on your toothbrush and when you can do the replacement and have good massage on the gum 🙂 have some thoughts to this and get a good toothbrush! 🙂

Next, something extra i will do… i will always brush my tongue and do a real good and gentle scrap off on any residue . hmm, you can get your tongue scrap at diaso, guardian , watsons, and all leading drugstore . i would say this will makes my breathe smell sweet and lovely.  Followed by a thorough rinse by listerine. Giving my breathe a minty cool which smell refreshing.

Remember to do all the dental care procedure in the morning, in between after meals and also before bedtime 🙂

What happen in emergency situation when i am just outside and dont have the luxury of time to do all these brushing and scraping?

i would have it in my car or a pouch in my bag, i have portable mini brush in my bag, at least to have a small bottle listerine to have a rinse 🙂

My beauty philosophy : it is a respect you show others when you love yourself and present yourself well 🙂  i hope this will have a good influence for you and your personal hygiene 🙂

Next, Homecare is important but do not neglect going to your regular dental visit. i would recommand you to choose Victoria Dentalcare 🙂


i find that the dentist is very patient with his patient and very nice and considerate and most importantly professional. waiting time is good and there is not a crazy wait . also, pain wise , i am really scare of pain in my tooth extraction but i guess at victoria dentalcare it has been well maintain and good taken care of me. < ps.: i tend to cry when it is too painful , i am like a little princess who is soo afraid of pain >  if you are like me , mayb victoria dentalcare is the choice. my dentist is very patient and professional in dealing with this pain.

Read more about the dentist profile here :

For more information  : 

Ok for now , i am off to do my teeth whitening… will be back with a teethy smile in my next post.. stay tune 🙂

God bless everyone ! have a good weekend !!!

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