Love Your Earth A Safer Home and A cleaner planet , practise eco & vegan cleaning

Having nice skincare always bottom down to having a cleaner planet, cleaner home, your office table, working table and all…

Also, it is always good to practise eco friendly and use vegan cleaning as i always say no to cruelty to animals and to use something unique like a made with care by recycled fruits and vegetables…

Always believe in doing good not juz to people around but to the environment as well. Earlier on i have been involve with charity and orphanage and planted my tree too… mayb planting my next tree next year  🙂 haaa

For today… let’s  practise eco friendly and use Envizyme! Introducing something for you and your family! Read on how to protect your children and a cleaner home! 🙂

Envizyme products & Protecting your children!

Have you ever realised after a long period of cleaning your home with harsh chemical-based cleaning products, it will affect your children’s health?

Consumers always assume that everything on the supermarket shelves are tested by the government and safe to be used. Envizyme is a green company founded in Singapore that uses recycled raw materials such as fruits and vegetables to make natural products without harmful chemicals. Envizyme aims to make products that are effective and affordable. Childhood diseases are on the rise and a lot of their causes are related to environmental factors. As parents, we must try our best to protect our children.

Protecting our love ones with kindness, thoughtfulness, love and one easy way is to make your home toxic-free! One thing that all families can do is to change their household cleaners to products that are safe to human and kind to the environment. These green products are made with love and care and thoughtfulness.

Their aim is to develop safe, natural, and environmentally friendly products that are effective and affordable. Envizyme’s GreenTree Series of natural household cleaners suggested retail selling prices are Green Tree has Dish Washing Liquid, $7.10, Floor Cleaning Liquid, $11.80, < soooo AFFORDABLE! > Laundry Liquid, $14.65, Delicate Laundry Liquid, $10.35, All-Purpose Cleaner Liquid, $7.50. 🙂 < pretty the same price as compare to cleaning brands 🙂 >

Interesting Recycle Process of fruits & Vegetables

Envizyme’s Team collects disposed vegetables and fruits, the vegetables and fruits are sorted out according to their variety. The fruits are then tossed with brown sugar. A dash of enzyme is added and the fermentation process starts.

The liquids are filtered out from the bins and it is used as a natural cleaning agent. Oranges for dish washing as they are gentle for hands. Pineapples are for floor cleaning as they are acidic and easy to break down grease!

About Envizyme and R & D

We spent 3 years of in-dept R & D in the science of enzymatic technology and launched our natural fertilizer in 2009. In 2010, we introduced our first generation of enzyme-based natural household cleaning products under Envizyme brand. We re-launch a new Green Tree brand of household cleaners in May 2012. We want to introduce cleaning solutions that are safe for use in every household and we shall continue our future product development based on nonpolluting enzyme-based cleaning and fertilizer solution made from renewable raw materials and biodegradable resources.

Envizyme aims to improve our deteriorating planet by sharing our strong commitment in protecting our home, our community, our country and our earth. We have an on-going program in engaging the community to educate and promote the concept of safer home, healthier living and going green.

ENVIZ YME’s Vision & Mission

Envizyme’s vision is to be an agent of change for a better world by making our home safer and our planet cleaner. Using safe, natural and sustainable materials for our products and to manufacture responsibly.

Envizyme’s mission is to unlock the potential of enzymatic technology by using renewable raw materials and biodegradable resources to develop safe, natural, and environmentally friendly products that are effective and affordable for general household and commercial applications.


Powerful and effective washing formula

• Made from natural fruits and vegetables enzymes

Eco Friendly

• 100% Biodegradable

• Breaks down grease and all organic stains effectively

• No harmful chemicals

pH balanced

• Gentle on the skin

• Anti-bacterial

Concentrated formula


• Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly, No Animals Derivatives

• Cruelty Free, No Harming of animals in process

• Conscious Free

Let’s watch this video for Recycling Fruits & Vegetables at Envizyme

Green Tree Household Laundry Green Cleaning Products


Good news! Current promotion about Green Tree is Buy 2 and get 1 free at cold storage for our Laundry Liquid & All Purpose Cleaner.

Roy Kee CEO of Envizyme does encouraging talks and speeches to share and care for the environment.

He would be available to share about extremely amazing details about products that are harmful for one’s body.

From IT Gadgets, SLS, non-stick pans, daily life instances where we take for granted.

Roy is the father of two lovely children. He and his wife take great care of their children and he would like talk for your upcoming events, road shows, promotions.

Having shared so much of this wonderful products , time to do some home care shopping at the supermarket and check out the new products! 🙂

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