Life as of today… Sunshine girl … October 2012

hi everyone…
i am happy for those who love to read my blog 🙂 … love the beauty and skincare recommandation and i am thankful to meet nice people in my life that cares and support me all these while and most thankful for all the sponsors who become good friends of mine and never failed to bring me the latest launch products and keeping in touch with me .

This keeps me going! Thank you for that! 🙂 <smiles>

hmm…what’s my favourite food at home … my favourite mummy’s peranakan food : Satay beehoon in peranakan style, the taste is very authethic! … maybe many of you do not know i am a peranakan chinese. i would like western english tea, breakfast and my love for italian food and french pastry is huge. here’s a pic of something at home 🙂  :

Sometimes i am wondering how will it be if one day you are not going to hear from me anymore in my blog… and how would it be…

Today i would like to leave this to you to tell me what you like to hear from me… coz i love to read about bloggers writing anti-ageing, sharing beauty journey and things they do to mantain their looks, ageless journey…

What would you like to hear from me ? 🙂

Signing off as a sunshine girl… and a little secret about me… i really love reading  and quiet moment 🙂  ” i am ENJOYING my book! ” i exclaimed!~

till then… look forward to my next post… and i look forward to the comments to tell me what you like to hear from me 🙂

To all the muslim Friends , readers , etc

Appreciate the invitation to have dinners and appreciate all yummylicious cookies, curry chicken, and every fun i had in the gathering session. 🙂


Have a Blessed holiday ! 🙂

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