Alluring eyes that EyeLook offers a variety of contact lens at huge savings prices.

Hi everyone,
i am a loyal contact wearer for years because for one thing, my degree/power of my eyes wasn’t that lots and i do like the opportunity where i can look like a study type (eg. teacher )  or a art director , creative look in my spects.

Finding contacts and buying authentic ones at the contact lens shop is something i  find a challenge coz as we all know, big eyes korea lens can coz redness in the eyes and alot of online lens makes you put huge risk to your eyes when u get them at online sprees , etc.

i would usually choose trusted lens that is from freshkon , freshlook, acuvue and alot more brands you can find. If you compare the prices from the certified shop , you will find that at offers savings price and you can look good with savings 🙂

As a professional. i would like myself to look good and carry myself well . Let my eyes do the talking with preferably color in natural shades of brown or black. i love the UV protection in my contact lens as it is a kinda protection when i face computer or any uv rays from the night . i find it more helpful that wearing sunglasses in fact 🙂 Thats my tip to you , my readers 🙂

Today i am choosing ADORE IMAGENE, as it is stylish and elegance. it is not the typical big eye lens , however it is natural and look alluring and define the eyes well , so its not too over doing it 🙂

Finding the right contact lenses that suit our needs can be tricky, especially for Asians.

Introducing ADORE™ IMAGENE, the new generation Italian Fashion Lens using the lastest technology. Go brighter, bolder and clearer, putting a spring in your step and a sparkle in your eyes. This amazing new product features an array of benefits that you and your eyes will simple love.

  • 14.5mm diameter for radiant and natural eyes
  • 45% water content for all day comfort
  • Protects against harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Clear, unobstructed vision
  • Comes with a style & elegance protective case

it can looks fun and cute :

it can look professional and loves the UV protection for my eyes! Very comfortable and the lens is very soft!

Try it for yourself and get yours at 🙂

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