The Power of Social Media… to share and to spread the news

hi everyone, today gonna side track abit and get away from writing bout beauty… thought of something interesting to share and  to think of 🙂

What would be your opinion on this? 🙂  Let’s read on…

The Power of Social Media is soooo massive it can really stir alot of things and can cost the lost of a job ( the news of amy cheong) , and anything you can think of … perhaps a person reputation as well… 🙂 as we read the recent news.

Bloggers, public figures, or even a nobody who wrote something online, if it were to spread through the online media through all means of social media and to multiple it …and be in the top of the search engine… seriously it will be massive and even not only know just in singapore but throughout the world !!!

Who doesn’t surf the net nowadays? As long as you have a smart phone , it is just at your finger tips. Ever thought how fast things spread?

The Power of Social Media… to share and to spread the news… google and read about the news of Amy cheong, and lots more. .. ever realised that there is a consequences to things that happen and is just spreading to online media.

Also, i was just wondering if social media can be a tool to spread scandal news, protect the victims and do more to let the world know. i think it will be the hottest topic if someone were to read bout a conversational and controversial news that happen . All these topics seem to be loud and everyone just want to read it!

Have you wonder what do u like to read most and to discuss to let the world know?

The Power of Social Media… to share and to spread the news… Never underestimate what a bloggers can do. 🙂  search and read more on how the Power of social media can multiple tremendously.

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