Ginevi sharing her experience of the Magic of C Vital at Allure Beauty

hi everyone. today i am sharing a beauty experience i have went for . it is something we might be taking everyday in the form of a supplement πŸ™‚ an essential supplement for our body , Vitamin C

How long can we actually delay ageing? Have you ever thought about this?

We all aged and yes, some might say why we need to do so much …hold on a sec and look at the other side of a coin. Don’t you think it is always a challenge to aged gracefully, beautifully, and aged with CHARISMA? we wouldnt want to look tired, dull, lack of punch and energy dont we? Visually and an impression that we give to others πŸ™‚ have a thought πŸ™‚

Today, i am bringing you to an experience of the Magic of C Vital at Allure Beauty which i have done for my skin and thanks to absolute for the kind arrangement for me .

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient supplement available in different forms and types and is now present in Allure beauty’s facial treatment – C Vital

C-Vital created by ATACHE, the pioneers in the use of vitamin c in Europe was created to fight oxidation of skin with power packed ingredients that include pure vitamin C,

suitable for all skin types , targeting skin brightening, imperfections like dull skin, 1st signs of ageing, pigmentation and dehydrated skin. the secret to healthy skin is revealed and it is now within your reach!

Reap in the benefits of C-Vital treament and allow the rewards to seep in just 90 mins. Look forward to a brighter and healthier skin complexion and the favourite look of all time today… With your naked Face πŸ™‚

I particularly love how my skin is being pampered here by the series of facial massage, and shoulder massage that is done professionally. i like even after the extraction there is a cool ball that is going on my skin to close the open pores and tighten my pores.

i know the secret to the healthy glowy skin and i am glad it is within my reach πŸ™‚

Kiss Goodbye to DULL skin complexion now! Time for a Β pampering session at Tiong Bahru Plaza, 05-04a. or West Mall 04-10 at Allure Beauty πŸ™‚ give yourself a treat today and get ready for the fun and festival session coming along the way!

Counting down… 78 days more … and a new year 2013 πŸ™‚ Β !

i love how my skin look and it is smooth, with radiance and i love the way my skin feels with every touch πŸ™‚

Have a Fruitful day πŸ™‚


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