Today i am sharing on this NEW Launched product called LACTACYD WHITE INTIMATE. YES it is something for the female . Lactacyd is the trusted daily partner for women who understand that feminine hygiene is essential to stay healthy and confident.

Lactacyd is the feminine hygiene specialist. Unlike brands that provide intimate hygiene care as a supplementary range to body or facial products, Lactacyd’s heritage is in dedicated intimate care.

At Lactacyd we truly understand the needs of women when it comes to intimate hygiene and provide products across the entire continuum from prevention to treatment giving you solutions to your everyday needs for freshness and comfort.

Beyond cleansing, our range of products also provides benefits including enhanced moisturizing, long-lasting freshness, whitening, youth reviving, cooling, as well as sensitive care. Lactacyd goes beyond wash, for on-the-go protection with convenient products such as wipes and leave-on intimate products.

My Favourite product : The White Intimate

I love the white intimate as it is gentle to the skin and i love to use it to keep my skin fair and clean and have a long lasting freshness. And yes, consistantly using it, gives lightening results and fairer skin. Loves it!

Grab a free sample from Lactacyd now.
Simply hit the like button of Lactacyd Fan page and go to the menu “Free Sample” for registration.
Sample will be mailed to your mailing address provided, only valid for addresses within Singapore address. One sample per address.

Dont forget to join Lactacyd FB Page.

Check out Both of these femininie wash  at all leading pharmacies at only $13.90SGD!

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