AFC Japan CHŌ BEAUTY, Fabulous from Within

Previously,  i have share about AFC Japan CHŌ BEAUTY {CLICK HERE} and today i am going to share more after consuming for 2 weeks.

My Testimonials on Cho Beauty Detox Program 

I had tried Cho Beauty for two weeks, the immediate effect i saw after i consumed it for 5 days was smoother bowel movement. I used to feel tired easily with indigestion and constipation. With Cho Beauty, ,my problems is greatly improved.

Other improvements i saw in this two weeks, is that my skin is looking with radiance. I guess with a good digestive system in the body, it not only helps me to slim and had a flat tummy, but also enhanced my health.

Staying Healthy is very important to me. I am glad people around me see the radiance in me and my little secret is Cho Beauty!

Also, i would like to share the method of comsuming it.At First i would dissolve in 150ml-200ml of water and drink it fast, however it kinda stick to my glass or cup. Thus, i try to pour directly into my mouth gradually and chew it with drinking water like a snack. It become my daily breakfast.It is like a fruity bar . i love the fruity taste.

you can sign up from and earn point and rewards .My Referral code is, kindly type in as u check out upon purchase in the little box.

Free Delivery for purchase up to $120 and above.
Rewards also given to 1st sign up.

Will i still continue to consume Cho Beauty?
My answer is definately a YES and i had just bought 2 boxes only. 🙂

I am looking forward for a healthier me, are you?

You can also find Cho Beauty at All Unity healthcare stores or

Experience a new level of Detox, Beauty & Slimming


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